My Winter Wardrobe Essentials

With winter well and truly here and making its presence known with the colder weather I thought a winter wardrobe post was on the cards. As someone that is always cold I’ve built up quite the collection of clothing and accessories to keep me warm through the winter that lasts far longer than the 3 months of the year it should. Here is just a small selection of that collection, I’ve decided to feature the absolute basics with just one of each item and usually the one that I tend to reach for the most. Unlike in Game of Thrones winter is here and these are the pieces I will be reaching for:

 photo IMG_2672_zpsda68f4a0.jpg  photo IMG_2671_zps0196dab9.jpg

Parka from Dorothy Perkins

This parka I bought about 3 years ago now for £40 which is dead cheap for such a big, cosy coat if I’m honest but the amount of wear I have gotten out of it in the 3 years so far is insane. Apart from one of the pockets starting to come away [nothing some simple stitching can’t fix] there is absolutely nothing wrong with this coat. It’s warm, cosy and huge although I did buy about 5 sizes bigger than I am which results in masses of fabric and a hood that keeps me warm and covered when it is cold or raining. I have other coats – 1 other big one and some lighter weight ones but this is the one that I always reach for when the weather starts to turn chilly and I hope to get many more years of wear out of this too.

 photo IMG_2654_zpscb57900e.jpg  photo IMG_2653_zps6fd6f72a.jpg

Black Wool Hat from H&M

I bought this hat about 3 years ago too and it has seen me through many cold winter days, it may be looking a little worse for wear and a bit shabby now but I can’t bear to part with it. I’ve never found a hat quite as nice and thick as this that doesn’t seem to cost the world so for now however shabby it looks I’m holding on to this. It was around £7 when I bought it which is more than value for money over the years wear, it’s a great quality hat so if you are after a nice winter hat I’d recommend trying H&M, obviously this hat won’t be in but they are sure to have a range of good quality alternatives.

 photo IMG_2657_zps580d103c.jpg

 photo IMG_2661_zps5e459bf3.jpg

Orange Wool Scarf from H&M

I’ not actually sure how much or how old this scarf is as it was my mum’s and on a recent clearout she was going to chuck this out even though I think she has only worn it twice since buying. I like magpie for warm, woollen things swooped in and took it off her hands and it has already served me well when I wore it last weekend for a walk around Clumber Park. I have a lot of scarves but not so many woollen ones so this is a great addition to my wardrobe that will definitely see me through winter with a nice splash of colour to brighten up those cold and gloomy days.

 photo IMG_2669_zps61b3cd8f.jpg

Red Dr Marten Boots

I own a lot of boots but if there is any boots that I could not live without it is Dr Martens. They are in essence the perfect boot. They are big enough to wear multiple layers of socks in, they go with everything from dresses to jeans and they have the best non-slip sole going and for someone as clumsy as me I need all the help I can get to stay upright when the inevitable snow and ice hits. When those wintery conditions arrive I live in these boots and I really do love them. I’ve had them around 4 years now and they are still in great condition despite the amount of wear in horrible conditions they have had. I’ve got past the painful bedding them in point now as well so they are very comfy and I wouldn’t know what I would do in winter without these boots anymore.

 photo IMG_2667_zpsda5db981.jpg

Pleather Gloves from Avon

Firstly, sorry for this not very great photo but taking a photo of a gloved hand is actually quite hard to make it look good. Anyway, I bought these last year when I was on the quest for some gloves that actually keep me hands warm. Wool gloves just don’t cut it for me and being vegetarian I’m not overly keen on real leather gloves but these pleather ones from Avon fit the bill perfectly. I think they were around £6-£7 and they do keep my hands warm, they fit well and they have been nicknamed my Sherlock gloves because who doesn’t want to dress up as Sherlock Holmes even in just a little way on a daily basis.

 photo IMG_2662_zpse26f9efe.jpg

Owl Ear Muffs from John Lewis

These are another last winter purchase because I was fed up of having cold ears on days when I have my hair up. Hats are all well and good for days when you hair is down but when you are sporting a ponytail or a bun they are not great. These beauties are from John Lewis in their winter collection last year and they make for super toasty ears. They have some microwavable pouches that you can put into these for super cold days but I’ve not had to succumb to that yet as they do keep my ears lovely and warm and pain-free but cold ears and metal piercings are not a nice thing let me tell you. These were definitely a great winter purchase.


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