The Last Days of Autumn on a Walk around Clumber Park

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 photo IMG_2562_zps951a088d.jpg  photo IMG_2568_zps97261427.jpg

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Last week, me and mum decided to escape the house and get outside for a nice long walk on a Sunday which was lovely and sunny with only a slight chill in the air from the wind. As a blogger and someone who writes from home, I don’t get outdoors as much as I probably should. Not only did I want a bit of fresh air and a day away from screens and the same four walls but it was also nice to stretch my legs like I haven’t done in a long time. We got in the car and drove the 45 minute to 1 hour journey from our house to Clumber Park which went by very quickly before we knew it we were there and all my childhood memories of the park came flooding back. As a child I spent a lot of time at Clumber Park with my mum or my grandparents taking me there on many occasions, I actually learnt to walk in Clumber Park nearly 21 years ago now so it was good to be back with my 23 year old legs and take in the huge park.

Another reason I wanted to go was to practice my photography, I used to take photographs all the time of everything but recently I’ve only been taking photos for this blog and that’s it. The perfect place to practice photography I always find is in parks surrounded by nature, the beauty of nature, the fact it’s not moving and the different sources of light and angles of it really helps you learn more about your camera and how to use it well to get a good picture. I’m no expert, quite the opposite in fact, but the pictures above were some of the many I took on the day and honestly they are some I’m most proud of.

After taking plenty of pictures and walking for 2 and a half hours, yes my legs are still aching, we headed for some food as we realised we’d not yet eaten that day. We headed to the lovely little cafe in the park, which was packed but it was a Sunday and swiftly ordered two chip butties, 2 bottles of Victorian lemonade, a cheese scone for me and chocolate cake for me. I don’t think we realised how hungry we were until food was in front of us as we inhaled the chip butties before our desserts and let me tell you that cheese scone was utterly delicious, the flavours were so good! If Clumber Park cafe want to send me a batch of those every so often I would be very happy!

It was a wonderful day, leaving the house at 10am and getting back around half 3 before settling down to make a roast and watch the last in the series of Downton. Perfect Sunday material in my book and hopefully this will spur me on to get out more for some walking, some fresh air and to practice my photography a little more too.

All photos taken by Charlotte Pearson. Please do not use without asking!


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