tracks of the week #76

Mt Wolf – Red

After the shock departure of their vocalist earlier this year, Mt Wolf are back with the release of their new track ‘Red’ uploaded to Soundcloud last week. The band obviously sound different with the loss of their female lead singer and having replaced that with a male vocal instead. A great thing I think as the departure of a vocalist can break a band but by finding someone completely different instead of trying to find someone similar gives the band a new lease of life and starting a new fresh chapter. Building up slowly and softly, this track is gentle one in its beginnings with soaring high notes from the vocals and softly plucked guitar strums. Drums pitter patter around the background while atmospheric tones echo around your ears creating what is essentially a beautiful track.

The Maccabees – Forever I’ve Known

It is absolutely no secret that I love The Maccabees, like serious love for those guys, and when Kasabian announced them as their support act for their latest tour I bought some tickets quickly than you could say ‘Charlotte, are you going to see Kasabian now The Maccabees are supporting them?’ Don’t get me wrong I like Kasabian but I’m not keen on their new album but The Maccabees and the lack of them in my life made this all worthwhile, while you read this in fact I will be in Leeds seeing them [yay!]. This is my absolute favourite Maccabees song, it is so beautiful and was one of the songs that helped me through a very difficult time in my life a couple of years ago. It made such a lasting impact that I have some of the lyrics tattooed on my arm and I know this song wherever or whenever I am when I listen to it will remind me of a specific time in my life and that I got through the bad because the lyrics gave me the hope I needed.
Sorry for getting so deep there but honestly this song really does mean so much to me.


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