ootd: mustard knits, polka dots & tartan checks

 photo IMG_2705_zpsc83714e4.jpg

 photo IMG_2714_zpsc77c1596.jpg

 photo IMG_2688_zpsfd47ddf6.jpg

 photo IMG_2711_zps752091e0.jpg  photo IMG_2701_zps9e6a7a87.jpg

 photo IMG_2691_zps6f6d8f2d.jpg

 photo IMG_2715_zps9eaacfee.jpg

 photo IMG_2702_zps023d0ec2.jpg  photo IMG_2707_zps5a7607a9.jpg

 photo IMG_2713_zpsd35abc0d.jpg

 photo IMG_2690_zpsb6894840.jpg

 photo IMG_2708_zps01c6ebae.jpg

 photo IMG_2679_zpsccb79bd5.jpg

Mustard Jumper, Navy Polka Dot Shirt, Bowler Hat and Gold Chain – H&M / Tartan Trousers – Urban Outfitters / Black and White Patent Loafers – New Look / Rose Gold Watch – Avon

I think this is one of my new favourite outfits, the sheer amount of bright colours and patterns for a start is right up my alley and as my mum so eloquently out it ‘I would not lose you in that outfit’, cheers mum. Not only does colour and pattern come into this outfit to make it a favourite but it also contains some of my favourite new purchases of the last couple of months. The mustard jumpers and the polka dot shirt I bought on the same day from H&M and as soon as I picked them both up I knew they would go really well together and here they are. I always find mustard works well with navy and grey so pairing it with this navy polka dot shirt really brings out the richness of the mustard tone.

The shirt is a perfect fit for me which instantly makes me love it more as I’ve had no end of trouble shirt shopping in the past, plus the sleeves are long enough for my arms which is even better. The jumper is so snuggly and warm that I’m considering hibernating within it for the rest of winter. Teaming these pieces with the tartan trousers I bagged from an Urban Outfitters sale last year throws a whole load of rich, deeper takes on primary colours together creating a clash of colour extremes that because of their darker edge makes them surprisingly work quite well together. For me, this is a perfect outfit combination.

Accessorising with the black and white loafers, a bowler hat and some simple jewellery finishes this outfit off very well for me, with the blacks of the hat and shoes and the golds of the jewellery complimenting and not taking away from the colourful, pattern laden outfit. One of my first truly winter outfits featured on the blog this year and it is already my favourite.

What do you think of the clash of colours and patterns going on here?


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