Christmas Party Outfit Inspiration

Christmas Party Outfit Inspiration 2014

With the Christmas party season nearly upon us all I thought it was about time that I started to think about what outfits and pieces I will be wearing for meals out and parties etc this season. I’ve collated some of my ides into this little Polyvore moodboard based all around one amazing dress with all necessary accessories added to it. All of the items are from New Look’s current collection and should all be online right now if you are after any of them. New Look are totally killing it at the moment in the high street fashion stacks and if I was rich I would quite easily buy it all up.

I’ve gone from a rich blue dress as royal blues are a colour I seem to be drawn to this year. I have actually bought a dress from New Look with rich blues through it recently for the party season but decided not to feature it as a) it’s sold out and b) I figured when it arrives I can feature it in an outfit post instead. This dress though was my second favourite and another one I do have my eye on so I decided to use this as the centre piece for the outfit. The rich blue tone, the great flattering cut of the dress and the respectable length along with the cute little studs all make for a simple yet striking piece which for £29.99 is an absolute bargain.

Pairing it with a statement coat which I also have my eye on, it’s totally 80’s in style and I love the oversized, masculine cut and how it completely contrasts with the cutesy nature of the dress. A beautiful gold beaded clutch [something I’ve wanted for ages] and some chunky light grey boots add interest to this through the different colour of the boots and the lovely delicate beading, the juxtaposition of manly chunky boots and feminine beaded bags is another favourite thing of mine.

I’m usually pretty bad with accessorising with jewellery however I made an effort for this particular piece and if you can’t go all out on the jewellery at Christmas then quite frankly when can you. I couldn’t decide which pack of rings I preferred so I went for both but I think I slightly prefer the bottom set with the lovely stones set within them. The necklace I adore and I’m tempted to pick it up as I know it will end up being my go to party necklace with the layers of necklaces, it is perfect to nail the layering jewellery trend without wearing multiple necklaces. Some bangles with golds to match the other jewellery and blues to match the dress to finish off the outfit and quite frankly this is an outfit I would wear for party season and beyond.

What do you think to this Christmas party outfit? And what is your opinion on New Look’s current range?


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