EP Review: Southpaw – In With A Chance?

In With A Chance
Release Date: 18th July 2014

Retford lads Southpaw released their debut four track EP ‘In With A Chance?’ back in summer and since then the band have been spreading the word and playing shows to really get these tracks out there. With ‘In With A Chance?’, the trio have produced a very good first effort and one that is bound to capture the attention of many.

Kicking in with a great guitar line of the rock sounding ‘I Don’t Dance’ with its fast, harsh sounding guitar lines and quick bass lying underneath. There is a catchy, jazz-like edge to this that makes it completely memorable. The choruses about trying to get a girl to dance are a little grungy from the rough around the edges vocals and punk style delivery of the lyrics. It is a very good opening track making this instantly in your face from the off.

‘Adrenaline Kick’ builds up with a fast guitar and quick drum beats before subsiding to a deep funk fuelled bass line that takes centre stage with cymbal crashes splattered around it and rapid spoken vocals harking to slight undertones of rap but a more rock track appropriate version. The rhythms created from the bass set the tone for everything else, they are a wonderful part of this song that for me is, though good, just not quite as strong as the previous offering.

With a classic rock style start ‘Realistic Optimistic’ picks up pace from the drums and hi-hats and the yo-yoing guitar lines. The quick tempo is further enhances with punchy vocals delivered quickly and almost shouted out creating a punk-esque vibe. Mid-chorus breakdowns, gang vocals and crashing cymbals set against a squealing guitar solo add and remove layers taking it from a simple punk song to a more refined modern take on the genre.

It’s a slower start to ‘If I Was Taken’ which features an honest and severe account of a relationship with a confusing girl. Guitar lines oscillate while drums keep a steady beat going throughout the entire track; the vocals have a hint of casualness about them that helps the delivery of the slightly vindictive nature of the lyrics. Again there are catchy melodies here and it is one that will see hips swaying when played live. A good ending to this debut release.

Check out the track ‘I Don’t Dance’ from the EP below:

Find out more about Southpaw visit their Facebook page, their Soundcloud page or you can follow them on Twitter – @WeAreSouthpaw


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