new music: As Elephants Are – Crown

Five piece Buckinghamshire band As Elephants Are are one of my favourite finds of this year and for good reason with their infectious and well crafted alt-indie tracks. After finding one of their tracks on Soundcloud [featured below] I knew that a) I loved these guys sound and b) that they would end up getting a lot of attention on my blog. More attention will come soon with a review of their new EP ‘Crown’ when it is released at the end of this week on 7th December. Until then check out the band that have been a big fixture of my playlist this month and will be a band I plan on catching live as soon as they release some more tour dates.

Starting with retro tinged guitars before a great voice takes centre stage with such a great tone running throughout this is a vocal style that you will not tire of hearing any time soon. With calmer moments throughout the verses with a steady bass line and those vocals being virtually left on their own before choruses and moment of melody and harmony through those infectious guitar lines and a great mix of steady and building rhythms from the drums. This is a great example of modern day alternative indie with the mix of catchy notes, vintage sounds and great lyrics, these are another band bound to make their name in the current booming alternative indie scene the UK has to offer, keep an eye on As Elephants Are.

To find out more about As Elephants Are visit their Facebook page, their Soundcloud page or you can follow them on Twitter – @AsElephantsAre


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