new music: Rayne – Opportunity For Progress

Alt-rock act Rayne with an anthemic edge are gearing up for a busy 2015 after spending the year in the studio writing and recording. 2015 will be the year that will see them release the debut single from their new album in January and in March, ‘Complex By Design’, their second album will be released. The debut single from the album I’m talking about is the brilliant ‘Opportunity For Progress’, featured below, which is available now to stream via the band’s Soundcloud page.

The single itself starts off with shimmery sounds reverberating around before building with fuzzy guitars and fast drums into a huge sounding rock track with big vocals. The verses are calm and flowing with the main focus of the wonderfully harmonious vocals set against occasional drum beats and soft guitar lines. The choruses feature that big rock sound with the band’s more alternative and modern take on it with soaring voices and plenty of melody weaved throughout. Two thirds of the way through there is an amazing breakdown where gothic metal sounds take over with piano, chugging guitars and pounding drums. It is a great track that shows plenty of promise for the band’s soon to be released second album.

So with a new single and album release and the promise of plenty of live dates and tours from the Sunderland trio next year, then 2015 is definitely the year for you to keep an eye on Rayne and should be one of the best years of Rayne’s career to date.

The new single will be released for download on iTunes on 13th January 2015, until then you can listen to the track here.

To find out more about Rayne visit their Facebook page or you can follow them on Twitter – @Officialrayne


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