EP Review: We The Wild – Vol. 2

We The Wild
Vol. 2
Released: July 2014

Starting out in 2013, We The Wild are made up of some of the remains of late 00’s band Tonight Is Goodbye. When the band finished these two members started a 3 piece, Futures, after a couple of years and a few releases they again called it a day. However, members of both acts, Ant West and Casey Roarty, carried on pursuing music creating their latest incarnation the aforementioned We The Wild. It’s a very different sound from their first act but it is of much better quality, as the years have passed and the pair have raked up experience, their songwriting has clearly improved creating some brilliant tracks with this their latest outfit.

Opening track ‘Glow’ dives straight in with chaotic sounds of high pitched screeches and disorganised beats while the deep vocal tone mixes wonderfully with the soaring sounds of the backing vocals and electronics. There are some fantastic ambient sounds that sit in the background tying the calmer verses with the more tumultuous choruses together perfectly. When it comes to the final minute of this one, we have a great oscillating guitar line amongst all the sounds which culminate together playing us out on a high.

Quick beats that resemble handclaps and big dubby sounds kick ‘Trampoline’ off before the big sounds subside and make way for verses which feature flowing sounds and softer beats underneath the almost lethargic vocals. When it comes to the choruses they bring back those dub-fuelled notes and add more chaos to proceedings with fast, hard-hit drums and deep building electronics.

We slowly build into ‘Paper Plane’ with monotone ambience and a low-pitched, slightly distorted vocal, these sounds echo and reverberate around the track giving the sparse sounds a bigger feel. Things start to quicken up with building moments and faster percussion as well as a less laid-back delivery of the vocals.

‘Mercury’ opens with quick beats and long, dense synth sounds, the vocals are added bringing a faster pace and tempo to this one punctuating the more monotonous chords very well. The vocals that soar at the end of their lines create great melodies that carry on weaving their way throughout the track through guitars, electronics and cymbals. As with all the other songs on this EP there is plenty of atmosphere created with basic sounds and only a small amount of instruments, it is an impressive feat making for a spectacular listen.

Check out ‘Glow’ taken from the EP below:

To find out more about We The Wild visit their website, their Facebook page, their Soundcloud page or you can follow them on Twitter – @wethewilduk


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