new music: Valentiine – Beauty Lies

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This week saw the release of a free download of a brand new track by Australian grunge trio Valentiine. It’s a track that was recorded during the sessions of their self-titled and critically acclaimed debut album, until now it is a track that was only available in Australia but now the band are making it available to all.

As the band missed out on their UK tour earlier this year, having to cancel after drummer Shelley sustained a triple leg fracture in a motorcycle accident, the band have offered up this track as something to make up for the lack of dates on our shores. Guitarist/vocalist Vanessa had this to say about the release of the new track; “We were totally gutted at having to cancel this year’s UK tour after Shelly’s accident and wanted to say a little thank you to all our European fans for their continued support and patience.”

The track itself starts quite quietly with hushed vocals before kicking in with pounding drums, crashing cymbals and huge, dirty guitar lines. The guitars have that retro nostalgic tone to them as they echo around the track creating a modern day rock song with an authentic, old school grunge edge. Vocals throughout are hushed, whispered and drawn out, a stark contrast to the fast tempo of the music underneath. A great and impressive track.

After plenty of attention on their past releases from radio stations like Radio 1 and gracing the number 1 and 2 spots in Amazing Radio’s singles chart, when the band do return in 2015 they are sure to be met with a great reaction from a fanbase looking forward to hearing lots more from these girls.

To find out more about Valentiine visit their Facebook page or you can follow them on Twitter – @valentiineband You can download the track for free now from their their Soundcloud page


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