Roy Roger’s Rugged Collection

Whether you are a guy looking for a cool new piece to add to your wardrobe or a girl looking for something nice yet stylish to buy for the man in their life this Christmas, the new collection from Roy Roger’s entitled The Rugged Collection, is definitely the perfect thing for you to check out. The collection is a heritage collection inspired by vintage looks with a unique eye for details such as raw selvedge denim, contrasting stitching and vegetal tanned labels; inspired by the historic archives of the company it truly celebrates the imagination of 40’s and 50’s America.

Starting out in Florence in 1949, Sevenbell Group was the first Italian blue jeans manufacturer before changing its name to Roy Roger’s in 1952. From then it has only been success, becoming a cult item in the 60’s and 70’s as well as being part of a long-lasting partnership with Cone Mills which has seen high quality raw materials sourced and preserved from all over the world. All collections are strictly handmade in Italy and with well established flagship stores in Florence, Naples and Rome it is a product who’s heart is truly based in Italy and its culture.

This latest collection though is an alternative to the regular menswear line whilst also staying close to the roots of the brand by offering quality denim and all pieces handmade in Italy. With the inspiration taken from American imagery such as hotrods and bikes to raw denim and washed chambrays, each piece in the collection recalls the spirit of USA and the freedom of the roads there.

The collection was shot by Luca Campri and modelled by pro-skateboarder and tattoo artist Jimmy Q and Esquire Weekly nominated Ricki Hall. Both men who perfectly sum up the current and fashionable aesthetic of not only the men that will be drawn to the vintage look of this collection but also the men who prove to be a realistic comparison for many of the men that will buy pieces for this collection.

Personally I adore the aesthetic this Rugged collection has created, with plaid shirts, basic jumpers with emblems on, some great tailoring, rich and quality fabrics that will last a long time but also give off that vintage more thrown together look. If I was a guy I would dress like this for sure, they are such easy to pull off pieces that instantly create a look that is not only stylish but stylish in a way that makes it look like you aren’t even remotely bothered about fashion which I think it something most men look for in their attire. A really great menswear collection.

To find out more about Roy Roger’s Rugged Collection visit their website.


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