The Best Bits of 2014: #ootd

 photo IMG_1720_zps178885dd.jpg

 photo IMG_2711_zps752091e0.jpg

 photo IMG_1862_zps4b54cd9c.jpg

 photo IMG_1804_zpsed3daf1a.jpg

As the year comes to an end soon and Christmas rolls around, I thought it was only right to start collating my ‘Best Bits of 2014’ posts. This year instead of just one huge one I’ve decided to split them in to smaller and more easy to digest bits. Today, I start with my favourite outfit posts from the past year. I’ve picked 10 outfits from the course of the year and though I could have picked a couple more I think these really are the best of the best in my opinion.

The things I have learnt from putting this together is that I love floral prints especially in spring and summer, most of my favourite outfits feature my Drop Dead tiger leggings [because they are awesome obviously] and I’ve really developed a huge love for monochrome outfits and pieces over the course of 2014. I think the main thing I have learnt though is that I’m growing up, getting a better sense of fashion, a more classic take where the emphasis is on good pieces and great tailoring over anything else. I know these days what suits me and that makes styling up outfits a million times easier. Here is to 2015 and what fashion that will bring me, until then you can check out all my outfit posts here.

 photo IMG_2169_zps4485b877.jpg

 photo IMG_1988_zps4eeb84aa.jpg

 photo IMG_2321_zpsabb67820.jpg

 photo IMG_1797_zpsc84b3e7d.jpg

 photo IMG_2737_zpsbc24850b.jpg

 photo IMG_2143_zps2d44cc46.jpg


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