My 2014

On the final day of 2014 it is the perfect time to look back at the last year and reflect on the amazing times and the successes, celebrating them and taking them into the next year ready to inspire us for what should be a happy and successful 12 months. I looked back at all the music, fashion and other cool stuff over the last few days already but this is my more personal round up of my year from travelling to gigs, career stuff to looking back at last year’s targets and making new ones for 2015. So here is my 2014 in a rather huge nutshell.


I’ve not done as much travelling as I would have liked this year mainly for lack of money but I hope to rectify that next year with one holiday already booked and one to be planned, plus I’d like to do a little bit more solo travelling to a few cities I’ve not yet seen but time and money will tell what happens next year. This year though I visited two very different places – the bustling beauty of the city of Paris for my birthday and the wonderful, laid back island of Corfu. Both very different places and both different from last year’s travels where I saw two UK cities.

With two very different places I had two very different experiences, Paris was as usual beautiful and wonderful and just such an amazing city. It was my second time in Paris but I had longer there this time and therefore saw more and re-experienced things at a more casual pace this time. I was there for my 23rd birthday and it was a great place to spend my birthday near the Eiffel Tour eating plenty of French breakfast pastries and just having a lovely day. We managed to see everything we planned, though there is still so much more to see. I’d love to go back again one day as Paris is a place that has a small piece of my heart but until then thank you for being amazing yet again Paris.

Sacre Couer photo IMG_1353_zpsdb867a0a.jpg

Bastille Monument photo IMG_1361_zps337b0450.jpg Eiffel Tower photo IMG_1374_zpsdf242010.jpg

Fountains photo IMG_1386_zps40f653e6.jpg

Garden in Paris photo IMG_1392_zps37d0472b.jpg

Like I mentioned Corfu was very different, it was a holiday I enjoyed in parts and hated in others. I hated how remote the place was and the terrible weather on the last few days making getting home a nightmare but the good parts were the tranquility, being able to relax a little and see some sunshine before heading back to the English winter. I liked Corfu and I would recommend it but I don’t think I will be back again. I’m not a holiday island person, I’m a city breaker, I tried something different it was good but not great. Still I’m lucky to have gone away twice this year, although both were cheap last minute deals, so thanks for a nice relaxing week or so Corfu.

 photo photo12_zps5d04d08b.jpg

 photo photo22_zpsa927a3e8.jpg


The Maccabees and Kasabian at Leeds Arena

Foxes and Thumpers, both at Leadmill, Sheffield

Funeral For A Friend at Corporation and Talons at Sheffield City Hall, both at Tramlines 2014

Death From Above 1979 at Plug and Paolo Nutini at Motorpoint Arena, Sheffield

Save Your Breath and Kids In Glass Houses at Corporation, Sheffield

This year has been another gig packed year, maybe not as much as other years but the bands I have caught live this year have all been brilliant and in the main are acts I’ve wanted to see for a very long time or have the opportunity to see live again. My first show of the year was Bastille’s triumphant show at Manchester Apollo where I saw the band fully grow into the huge act they are now. March saw me seeing Fall Out Boy twice in two days and my teenage fangirling hit very high levels, although when McBusted rolled around in April and again in May I think I by far out fangirled myself and as we all know Matt Willis high fived me and that is a moment that I don’t think will be topped easily. May saw me seeing two of my favourite new acts Foxes and Thumpers both playing at Leadmill and I also discovered two brilliant new acts at their shows from their supports Prides and Cut Ribbons respectively.

Over the summer, I saw William Beckett’s support slot at Corporation which again took me back to my teenage days and then there was Tramlines. Over 3 days I caught some amazing acts from Cholombian on Friday night to Blossomer and Toy in Leadmill on Sunday evening and then there was the brilliant rock opera of Talons on Saturday afternoon and Saturday evening saw the best of the lot with Funeral For A Friend at Corporation. I was back at Corp in October to see Kids In Glass Houses on their last ever tour, an emotional night if ever there was one. The end of October saw Death From Above at Plug, a true rock show and just bloody amazing and the night after my favourite Paolo Nutini at Sheffield Arena, yet another wonderful night of beautiful, soulful sounds. My final gig of the year was Kasabian supported by The Maccabees at Leeds Arena which was yet again another lot of great sets from both bands. There has also been a few local gigs this year which yet again showcase the amount of talent to be found in and around Sheffield. Another good year for gigs and live music, roll on 2015 for hopefully yet another packed live music 12 months.


This year, I’ve carried on writing for Yuppee, albeit not as much as I could have been but this is something I hope to rectify next year with hopefully more time to concentrate on feature writing and writing about current affairs alongside this blog. I also had the wonderful opportunity to work for the brilliant Social Sheffield this year, the guys appointed me Music Editor and it was a role I loved, where I was really part of the music scene in Sheffield. Unfortunately, due to many other things happening I quit the role after just 4 good months, I learnt a lot in that time and it’s inspired me with my writing which is something I am very thankful for.

In terms of this here blog well it has been a very good year. I’ve seen the blog grow into a site that is attracting a modest amount of visitors every single day, I’ve made connections with PR’s and bands who I love working with and will hopefully continue to do so in the future, I’ve been invited to events and all the while having an amazing time meeting people, honing my skills and getting to do what I truly enjoy on a daily basis and that is writing. My blog may not be the biggest or the best but it is mine and I’m very proud of it and I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, it baffles me that people actually read my words and in some cases enjoy it. The fact that people read this page and follow this blog astounds me but makes me so very happy so thank you for another year of support especially through the changes that have taken place this year, you guys are all awesome! 🙂

Personal Life

I don’t really talk about my personal life on here mainly because it is just that personal but for me this year has been huge. Since moving into a new house at the end of last year it has been non stop. There have been bad moments granted and I have struggled a lot this year at times but the things that make this a good year overall are the decisions I’ve made, the flashes of hope that are making themselves more well known, the achievements I’ve made and the people I’ve surrounded myself with this year. They are the people I want to know forever because they are the best people in my life, the ones who I love and can trust and as I get older I realise just how important other people are to me as well.

Targets for last year:

– maintain my weight, exercise and healthy eating.
– make a plan on how to get more writing experience, trying to get a job and getting my name out there to magazines and media agencies.
– read as many books as possible and get back into drawing and sewing again.
– spend more time doing things I love, spend more time with the people I care about.
– join some sort of group or course where I can learn a new skill as well as meet new people.
– be happy and learn to appreciate everything I have in my life.

Looking at last year’s targets I think I’ve done well. Exercise wise I’ve managed to maintain and up what I’ve been doing, healthy eating has been even more prevalent this year as I look more into cooking and using a range of fresh and great ingredients. With my weight, it’s my most touchy subject but I’ve maintained it and lost more than even I thought possible this year, it’s a battle I feel I’m winning and that makes me very proud. This year, I’ve read more books and got back into sewing though the drawing didn’t really take off [maybe next year?], I didn’t get time in such a busy year to join a class or group but it is something I’ve looked into and will hopefully achieve next year. I’ve spent more time with the people I care about most, I’ve spent more time doing the things I love, I’ve been happier and I’ve been more appreciative too. I’ve got more writing experience this year through the blog, Yuppee and Social Sheffield, I had a job for a while but had to give it up and I think I’ve managed to get my name out there more, maybe not to big magazines but to some PR’s, writers, bands etc which is definitely a step in the right direction. I think I’ve done well but there is definitely room for improvement for 2015’s targets.

Targets for 2015

– maintain my weight, exercise and healthy eating.
– be happy, be appreciative of the little things in life and treasure the good moments.
– spend time with the people in my life who mean a lot to me and less time with or worrying about the people who are not good for me.
– travel more, see the world and appreciate just how beautiful nature is.
– do more things that inspire me, teach me and that make me happy; whether it is career related or some sort of life fulfillment, do more of it and go in with an open mind ready to learn.
– read more books, watch more films, master my skills and learn new ones.

All in all, I think 2014 has been good, there has been many testing times and bad moments but through it all it is the good that stands out and that is what I will focus on as we move into a new year. Here’s to 2015 and all the success, happiness and opportunities it will hopefully bring.


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