Boxing Day Sale Purchase Round-Up

It’s sale time of year again and I like everyone else have been scouring the internet and the high street for bargains. I’ve spent a decent amount this year but on quality things I think and as I get older I see my need to spend money on things just because they are reduced waning and moving over to a mindset that uses sales as a time to pick up key and needed pieces for a cheaper price with the odd treat every now and again. Here is a round up of my Boxing Day sale purchases for this year:

McBusted Tourplay DVD, Star War Trilogy DVD Boxsets & Not That Kind Of Girl by Lena Dunham – all from Amazon

The amount of money I spend on Amazon, especially over Christmas, is absolutely ridiculous. This time though it was a few post-Christmas treats for myself getting a few of the very few things of my list that I didn’t get this year [seriously I was well and truly spoilt this year something I still truly appreciate every single day]. I picked up Lena Dunham’s book because I have been wanting to read it for a long time, she is a huge inspiration to me and I can’t wait to get reading. I also picked up McBusted’s DVD [because why not] and the complete Star Wars trilogy over 2 boxsets. I love Star Wars and watched it so many times as a child but I’ve not seen it since I was 15 so I think it is about time I rewatched it to remember just how good it is plus I need to refresh my memory before the new film’s release later this year.

 photo IMG_2830_zps745765f8.jpg  photo IMG_2816_zps1f9ac78a.jpg

 photo IMG_2815_zpsc318a9e1.jpg

Black Longline Duster Coat

 photo IMG_2820_zpsef76d012.jpg  photo IMG_2825_zps83481796.jpg

 photo IMG_2824_zps700e972e.jpg

Black High Neck Skater Dress

 photo IMG_2811_zps50c61cb4.jpg

 photo IMG_2812_zpsfec14ad3.jpg

Black and White Tile Print Trousers

 photo IMG_2805_zps6429a218.jpg

 photo IMG_2805_zps6429a218.jpg

Sequinned Barocade Shorts

 photo IMG_2808_zpsd29d1af4.jpg

 photo IMG_2809_zpsbd4eec6b.jpg

Tan Wool Lined Boots

All of the above from New Look

As a whole, New Look are the brand that have impressed me the most throughout the whole of 2014. There ranges have been consistently brilliant, full of amazing styles, on trend clothes and accessories and quality products at affordable prices. It was for that reason that when it came to the most important sales of the year, they were the the company that got my money in the end. After scouring a few other places and coming up with nothing I really wanted, New Look was the place full of gems. Towards the end of last year I made a list of clothes that I wanted to add to my wardrobe to fill the style gaps and I think I’ve pretty much filled all those gaps now, some of the finishing touches were here in this batch of sale items.

I’ve wanted a Duster Coat for a long time and this one is just utterly perfect. At only £15 it is an absolute steal of a purchase and because it is from the tall section it is actually a lovely long piece on me instead of the normal version which would have been slightly too short. Another wardrobe filler came from the trousers, I was admittedly looking for plain but as soon as I saw these monochrome tile print ones I knew these were the ones I just had to have. They are a perfect fit and again from the tall section so they are long enough for me and not creeping up my legs like the non-tall section trousers.

The black dress could come under staple piece but also indulgence too. I’ve not worn high necked pieces in years and in the space of a week I have two high neck dresses now in my wardrobe. This piece is slightly more showy and would be perfect for a night out or a meal etc. I think the slightly ruffled effect on the collar also gives it a slightly Victorian feel which I love. The shorts well they are definitely an indulgence but a great one. They were under a tenner in the sale and I absolutely adore these, they are such a showy piece but with the more muted tones they will go with pretty much everything in my wardrobe. The golds, silvers and blues all work perfectly together and I just adore the beautiful pattern. Finally, the boots which were definitely not a necessity at all as I own so many pair of boots. I’ve never owned a pair of brown boots before as I’m not really a fan of brown shoes but as soon as I saw these I just loved them. They are a lovely shade of brown with a nice texture through the colouring, the inside is wool lined and super cosy. Only issue maybe for me personally is the height of the heel, I didn’t realise how high they were until I put them on. I do love these but I’ll just be officially a giant when I wear them, tall girl problems.

Did you pick up any great bargains in the sales this year?


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