Food Review: The Broadfield, Sheffield

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It may only be the beginning of the year but I’ve already had one of the greatest meals to have passed my lips in a long time. The Broadfield pub on Abbeydale Road is a pub I have walked past many times in my early to late teens but I never got the opportunity to go in and sample the wares for myself. That changed the other day though when the need for a hearty meal swayed me and my boyfriend over to the other side of the city away from the hustle and bustle of a packed out Meadowhall and its restaurants huge queues.

It was a journey that was well worth it too as the pub itself has a lovely, cosy atmosphere, it is the type of place where whoever you are you’ll instantly feel welcome from staff and punters alike. The pub has changed a bit over the years having had a huge makeover to the outside of it really cleaning it up and restoring it to its former glory. Inside it is a lot bigger than you would expect from looking at it outside and the bar itself stocks a range of great beers and ales as well as a huge selection of spirits. Their whiskey selection is particularly huge and shall warrant another visit from me in the near future.

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For food, there was only thing that could be had off the menu and that was one of their quite legendary pies. There was a range of 4 on the specials menu from beef to pork to chicken and a lovely veggie option. That was the one I went for the vegetarian option, their Hommity pie and let me tell you it was the best pie I have ever eaten. I’ve had a Hommity Pie before and it was lovely but this one just topped the lot. The pastry was amazing, thick yet wonderfully morish and absolutely filled to the rim with beautiful, fresh ingredients with onions, spinach and potato layered on top of each other with a beautiful cheese sauce running throughout it. All the pies were served with the thickest cut chips you can ever imagine, smooth and great mushy peas and a lovely gravy. For the £7.95 you pay for the meal it is more than value for money as you are so full after there is no way even a sweet-tooth like me could contemplate dessert.

If you are looking for the best pie in Sheffield then look no further than The Broadfield but for those not keen on the Yorkshire staple then they have a range of other great meals from sausage and mash to salmon, veggie options, homemade soups and mouthwatering sounding cheesy starters. There is something for everyone here, all in hearty portions for a small amount of your hard earned cash. After that great pie I know for a fact that I will be back to The Broadfield and hopefully very, very soon.

The Broadfield is situated at 452 Abbeydale Road, Sheffield, S7 1FR
To find out more visit their website, their Facebook page or you can follow them on Twitter – @thebroadfield


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