ootd: Green Sleeves

 photo IMG_2921_zps4cd5e9ca.jpg

 photo IMG_2910_zpsa203d8d6.jpg

 photo IMG_2918_zps615edd4d.jpg  photo IMG_2923_zpscb0cffad.jpg

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 photo IMG_2929_zpscfacb297.jpg  photo IMG_2926_zpsa10f89af.jpg

 photo IMG_2916_zpse72c5fa8.jpg

 photo IMG_2922_zps32161f1f.jpg

Green Velvet Dress – Pop Clothing via Urban Outfitters / Monochrome Patent Loafers – New Look / Hat and Cat Face Bag – H&M / Owl Clock Necklace – ASOS

After digging through my wardrobe for yet another clear out and to find just exactly what I have in there, I rediscovered this beautiful green velvet dress that I’ve not worn since the beginning of last year. I bagged it in the January sales at the beginning of 2014 and then wore it to a friend’s engagment party a couple of months later. It is one of my favourite dresses in my wardrobe but why I don’t wear it that often is a mystery to me. It’s definitely not a summer dress with its long sleeves and heavy fabric but for the autumn and winter months it is the perfect going out dress to keep even me and my perpetual cold tempterature toasty.

Green velvet dresses have always been my favourite, I had one was a was a child and I adored it and since then I’ve been looking for a perfect one to wear in my adult years and this more than fits the bill. I paired this with a pork pie hat, my lovely cat face bag from H&M and monochrome patent loafers for a slightly more casual going out look, something that would work well for a meal out. I like taking a dress like this that looks like it would only be made for night’s out and posh events and trying to make them work for more social and casual occassions and I think I’ve done that here. Next on the list is to make this dress more daytime appropriate.
What is your opinion on velvet dresses? Nice or not?


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