Interview: Inherit The Stars, EP Launch Show Preview

Sheffield’s alt-rock four piece Inherit The Stars have had a great couple of years releasing a great debut album [read my review here] and fast becoming one of the Steel City’s finest new acts. After plenty of touring and EP releases that have consistently shown progress in the band’s musical talents, then 2015 will be kicking off with the release of the band’s new EP.

This new EP is the reason behind the band’s show this weekend, Saturday 7th February, at Corporation. The launch show gig for the latest release will see the band playing a headline set which is bound to be not only a celebration of their newest music but also of their career to date.

Four support acts, Deadset Dream, Dirty Water, The Rubble and Her Pride is Suffering, will also be on the packed line up so for only a fiver you get 5 great local acts for your money. Not only that but for everyone going to the gig who has bought a ticket beforehand you will get the band’s new EP for free, not bad eh.

I’ll be popping down to the show this Saturday 7th February but I caught up with the guys last week to find out more about the show, the new EP and what 2015 will hold for Inherit The Stars:

The show at Corporation is to celebrate the release of your new EP, tell us more about the new release.

‘Beyond The Beacons’ is our sophomore record and our most accomplished work to date. It was produced by our long time friend Jim Pinder, at several studios around Sheffield and Derbyshire. BTB is an exploration of the idea that essentially you need to affect change in yourself to affect the world around you. Nobody is going to sort your problems out for you, nobody is going to fix the world for us – so it’s about taking charge of your own destiny. I think it’s both musically and lyrically it’s a lot darker than the album too.

What can we expect from the launch show?

Hopefully a riot and lots of people losing their shit to our music. Smiles, sweat and sing alongs! It’s almost a sell out too!

You’re giving away an EP to everyone who buys a ticket to the launch show. Why did you decide to do that?

It’s our way of giving a little something back to all the people that have supported us for so long! The funny thing is, we made more money of this free record with donations than we did selling the first one. People don’t expect to pay for music anymore anyway so giving them something for free, especially something physical they can hold and touch, isn’t something anyone does anymore. Dare to be different!

There are four other bands on the bill, why did you choose them to support you & what sort of sound can we expect from each?

2 of the bands we know and we’ve worked with before and it was great! The other 2 were chosen by the venue, we’ve never played with them before so it’s a new audience!

What does the rest of 2015 have in store for you guys? Shows, more releases etc?

Lots and LOTS of gigging. We want to tour the hell out of this record! We’ve just bought our first van and joined forces with Empire Booking Agency. We’ve also got a 2 week tour booked in March through to April. We’re going to be back in the studio during April and May too! Exciting times!

It should be a great night so if you are in or around Sheffield on Saturday then make sure you pop down and check out some brilliant acts. Doors open at 7:30pm this Saturday; you can get tickets from Corporation’s website
and you can find out more about the show by visiting the event page of Facebook.

A review of the show and the EP will follow over the next couple of week’s so make sure you look out for those posts too.

To find out more about Inherit The Stars visit their website, their Facebook page, their Bandcamp page or you can follow them on Twitter – @Inheritofficial


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