New Music Exclusive: The Devil Makes Three











Today, I bring you some new music from Manchester trio The Devil Makes Three who mix the likes of blues, country, jazz and folk beautifully. I’ve teamed up with Skype again to bring you exclusive content and some of the best new bands and artists that you need to check out in 2015. The video I’m bringing you today is an acoustic performance of ‘Hand Back Down’, this video sees the band take their previous single and give it a reworking stripping it back to basics and giving it a wonderful sound. Check the video out below:

The track itself is a great example of the traditional sounds of country and blues brought to the mainstream in 2015 with a slightly modern twist with the inclusion of more catchy melodies and sing along moments. The vocal tone itself is rich, full of wonderful notes which match the strumming acoustic and deep bass line well. It is a great track and this particular acoustic performance really is stunning, showcasing the band’s musical talents wonderfully.

As part of the ‘Ones to Watch’ new music series with Skype, the band took part in a Q and A with fans online recently for a no holds barred conversation. The fans were allowed to ask whatever they like so it has led to some unusual questions and answers and some great moments. You can watch the chat below in the 3 videos:

To find out more about The Devil Makes Three visit their website, their Facebook page or you can follow them on Twitter – @thedevilmakes3

This content is brought to you by Skype through their ‘Ones To Watch’ campaign, the whole point of the campaign is to get fans closer to up and coming bands with behind the scenes footage and content. If you would like to know more about the campaign or the artists involved visit their website.

To access even more content add ‘CloserWithSkype’ as a contact on Skype and you will be treated to a host of content from this band and others. While you are there, if you would like the chance to ask any of this year’s Grammy nominees a question then submit a question via video to the ‘AskGrammyLive’ account on Skype and they could be read out on the live stream of the red carpet this year to your favourite artist. Find out more here.


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