A City Guide to a Valentines Day in Sheffield

Back in January, Quiz Clothing got in touch with me to put together a post all about Valentine’s Day and specifically what there is to do in Sheffield whether you are single, dating or in a relationship. I’m going to put it out there that I’m not a massive fan of Valentine’s Day at all but as this year will be my first Valentine’s Day with my boyfriend I’m going to try and be less cynical about the whole thing, for his sake if nothing else.

I’ve tried to make this a mix of well known Sheffield places for those who may plan on coming to Sheffield and some local gems for Sheffield residents thinking of trying something a bit different. The post is split into 5 sections: how to spend your Valentine’s as a couple, how to spend Valentine’s with friends, what to buy for partners, a bit of a playlist and some scenic places to enjoy a romantic moment.

First up, how and where to spend your Valentine’s as a couple:

 photo SAM_0008_zpsgcfkxzgr.jpg
Fancie, Ecclesall Road










Anchorage, West One

For the traditionalists among us, a great Valentine’s meal at Fancie or Anchorage will be utterly perfect. Both establishments offer top quality fare all locally sourced and catering for a variety of diets. I’ve been to both restaurants and love them both and would have a difficult time choosing between the two as you can’t go wrong with either. To view the Valentines Menu at Fancie visit their Facebook page.

 photo SAM_0027_zps1ujujewe.jpg
Steam Yard, Aberdeen Court











Couch, Ecclesall Road

On mine and my boyfriend’s first ever meeting we went to Steam Yard coffee shop so I guess for that reason it’s a little bit special as a defining moment for our relationship. For that reason it was a no brainer to recommend as a place for a coffee date. Couch in the town centre and one on Ecclesall Road is also a good shout, both serve food with Steam Yard selling a range of soups, sandwiches and pastries and Couch having a full menu on offer. Also, Upshot Espresso on Glossop Road are putting together a brunch menu for Valentine’s Day so keep an eye out for that on their Twitter page.











Chelsea Park

 photo SAM_0023_zpsbz6q7kdl.jpg
Millenium Galleries

For something a little different why not check out the local gig listings and visit one of Sheffield iconic venues for what will be a great night. Or for art/history lovers visit one of the many museums in the city, most of which are free and all amazing. For the daytime, a walk in one of Sheffield’s many parks is a free but lovely thing to do from the huge Graves Park with it’s farm and forest to the smaller Chelsea Park which is one of my favourites in the city.

Kelham Island

The Fat Cat, Riverside

For those looking to experience the cooler Sheffield, head down to the redeveloped Kelham Island. There you can scour the museum, get some food at Riverside with Twisted Burger Co or pizza at Craft and Dough and have a drink by the river in one of the many great pubs.

I was also asked to put together an outfit for a Valentine’s Day with my partner so below I have two outfits, one more for daytime and one more for night:

 photo IMG_3026_zpslki5obhv.jpg
Shirt – Primark / Trousers – Topshop / Hat – H&M / Loafers – New Look / Bag – George at Asda / Necklace – H&M

 photo IMG_2971_zpslig6bd85.jpg
Dress – New Look / Blazer – New Look / Brogues – Primark / Clutch – H&M / Necklace – Etsy

If you are single and heading out with a group of friends, here is where to check out:

Left: Bungalows and Bears Burger, Right: Twisted Burger

Treat yourself to great burgers at Bungalows and Bears or a Twisted Burger Co feast at The Harley or The Riverside, Bungalows and Twisted Burger are my favourite burgers in the city so treat yourself with some awesome grub there.

 photo SAM_0014_zpsktlv2jhf.jpg
Mercure St Pauls

 photo SAM_0025_zpseuvcyoxj.jpg
Crucible and The Lyceum

Treat yourself completely by booking a spa day at St Paul’s for some total luxury. After a laugh then go to the comedy club at The Lescar, it is always a great night where you can laugh the night away with your best mates, or for some amazing theatre with your pals head to The Crucible and The Lyceum for award winning shows on your doorstep. Something a little different, head to the races at Owlerton Greyhound stadium and right next door is Napoleons Casino with welcoming staff, a great atmosphere and a restaurant that serves some of the most delicious grub to be found in the city.

After a Valentine’s gift, then look no further:

 photo SAM_0006_zpsyjlb7idq.jpg
Cocoa, Ecclesall Road

Cocoa is a chocolate store based in Sheffield and has plenty of hampers on their site, for £30 you can get a packed hamper of chocolate which we all know is a great gift for anyone plus there is one for men and one for women. Find out more on their website

 photo SAM_0007_zpswanefld2.jpg
Flora, Ecclesall Road

 photo SAM_0009_zpstjnirbrp.jpg
Mookau, Ecclesall Road

For the traditional flowers gift you can’t really go better than Flora on Ecclesall Road and while you are there a few doors up is Mookau full of quirky bits and pieces. From homeware to clothing, candles, jewellery, cards and everything in between, so much good stuff you are bound to find something for everyone.











Rare and Racy, Division Street

Music fans may want to check out Record Collector in Broomhill to buy themselves, their friend or their partner the perfect gift on vinyl whether it is a rare pressing or a iconic indie album they should have it and if they don’t they will more than likely order it in for you. For town dwellers, Rare and Racy at the top of Division Street stocks everything from vinyl to CD’s and a huge array of books, most of which out of print, book fans and music fans alike should head here for a great gift.

This next section suits me perfectly, it’s all about creating a mixtape and 3 songs that would feature on it:

So me and my boyfriend are massively into music and spend way too much of our time having serious discussions about it, we both made a playlist for our trip to the seaside last summer and I’m currently waiting to hear the playlist he’s putting together for me. But if I was to put together a playlist that sums up us these are the three tracks I would pick.

The Cure – Lovesong, Just Like Heaven or Inbetween Days: I can’t possibly decide between these three, the first is my favourite Cure song, while the other two are joint favourites really. We both adore this band and all three songs are completely beautiful in there own way. Honestly, I think I’d have to include them all.

Death From Above 1979 – Romantic Rights: The first proper gig we went to was DFA last October, we’d been to Tramlines together and a local show but this was our first proper gig together. DFA are one of his favourites and I love them too but it’s a more recent love. The gig was utterly brilliant and I really don’t think I’ve lost myself in a live band like that for a long time.

Friendly Fires – Pala: I wasn’t sure whether to include a Friendly Fires song or not but they are my favourite band so why not. This song means a lot to me and is a track that hits me every time for its rawness and beauty and perfection. I’d like to think this song could be a us rather than me track at some point in the future but until then.

Finally some romantic spots in the city you may want to consider visiting:

Ok, so I’m no expert at romantic places in the city but I know some of my favourite places or places I find the most beautiful so I’m going to mention a couple of these instead.

 photo SAM_0011_zpskciby2ob.jpg

 photo SAM_0012_zps2kfdtubz.jpg
Botanical Gardens

First up, is the Botanical Gardens, the beautiful gardens are one of the perfect places to go for a stroll on a weekend and with beautiful views it is easy to see why so many love this place and why it is the number 1 thing to do in Sheffield on Tripadvisor. If you are after a park though obviously there are tons in Sheffield but again I’d point you to Chelsea Park.

The Pheonix, Ridgeway

The view from The Pheonix

This next one is a much more personal one and probably difficult for some to get to with it being on the very edge of Sheffield but Ridgeway and Gleadless have been huge parts of my life since I was born and you couldn’t go far wrong with a drive out to Ridgeway for your Valentine’s Day. A pub out there called The Pheonix on the main road into Ridgeway has the most enviable and stunning views of the countryside and I feel so at peace out there personally. If you get the chance pop along to Ridgeway especially that pub and especially on a gorgeous summer evening.

Rivelin Valley Nature Trail

Rivelin Valley Nature Trail is also completely beautiful, I’m sure I’ve taken the trail before in my youth but it is something I would love to do again. It’s very close to the city centre but is peaceful and serene, a lovely place to enjoy your Valentines.

Hopefully, this has inspired you and given you some ideas for your day and whatever happens have a great day, just remember it is just another day and one that is either annoying or great depending on your outlook in life.

All photos taken by me unless stated with a source credit underneath

Head to Quiz Clothing’s website for more Valentine’s inspiration with more city guides from lots more bloggers, visit their website here.


2 thoughts on “A City Guide to a Valentines Day in Sheffield

  1. Brill! Looks like there's some sweet places to check out in Sheffield. I've lived in South Yorkshire for 3 years now and only been to Sheffield on work's Xmas dos (I'm crap). I'll make sure I go this year! Also this made me laugh cos as a work team event thing we had to go round Sheffield on like a scavenger hunt thing and when I saw the map everyone laughed at me cos I asked "is Kelham Island an actual island" :/x GNAR MOSH x


  2. Yeah, there really is some great places here and some awesome things to do for Valentines and all year round too. Haha, I've never really understood why it is called an island either if I'm honest. You should definitely make a visit to Sheffield though and check out what is on offer. 🙂


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