EP Review: Monsters As Humans – I’ve Been Saving All My Catharis For This

Monsters As Humans
I’ve Been Saying All My Catharis For This
Release Date: 5th December 2014

Upcoming alt-rock four piece Monsters As Humans hail from the North West of England and recently released their debut EP for free download via their Soundcloud and Bandcamp pages. With comparisons to the likes of great acts like Biffy Clyro and Brand New, they are turning heads via their music and energetic live shows around the UK. This debut features the first three songs the band wrote together showcasing some great talent from this quartet.

A lilting guitar that ebbs and flows opens this EP with ‘Prologue’ offering a really chilled atmosphere to proceedings before padding drums with occasional huge beats are brought in. Around halfway through this short opening the tempo changes; gone are the soft sounds, replaced with fuzzy guitar riffs and crashing cymbals setting us up perfectly for what is yet to come.

Plucked chords dance around the opening of ‘Gravity’ creating a welcoming and comforting ambience. Pounding drums that are quickly bashed out are set alongside fast guitars and vocals that have complete urgency about them, delivering the lyrics with plenty of emotion. From the calmer, hazy pre-chorus moments to sketchy guitar mini-riffs that reverberate around your ears, this is a great track.

A distorted guitar line opens ‘Go Get Your Warpaint’ before chugging riffs and chaotic percussion signal the arrival of the heavier sound found throughout this EP. Again the vocals have a desperation about them switching from shouted lines to harmonious lyrics. Epic build up’s, moments of calm and a huge anthemic chorus gives this spectacular track everything it needs to really grab your attention from the off.

While ‘Don’t Dress Your Kids In Dinosaur Costumes, It Gives Them Ideas Above Their Station’ sees ringing guitar notes that have a sing-song quality start off this final track. Powerful drum hits take the fore against the soft sounds and melodic vocals that flow around this. A punky riff and shouty vocals bring us into a catchy as hell chorus which is sure to go down a treat live. A great ending to a standout release.

Check out the awesome track ‘Go Get Your Warpaint’ from the EP below:

The band are also on tour this month visiting the likes of Manchester, Sheffield and Stockport. To find out more and see if they are playing near your soon visit their Facebook page.

To find out more about Monsters As Humans visit their Bandcamp page, their Facebook page, their Soundcloud page or you can follow them on Twitter – @MonstersAsHumans


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