tracks of the week #86

Cholombian – Nova

I wrote a lot about Cholombian last year with his brilliant tracks and his great set at last year’s Tramlines festival. At the beginning of this year, he released a new track ‘Nova’ via his Soundcloud page and again it is another standout piece. Starting with a huge atmospheric build up this one captures your attention from the off and has you hooked throughout. Big beats are set against ambient sounds that truly envelope not only the whole track but your whole frame of mind while listening to the track. It is a wonderful chilled out track and another gem in Cholombian’s back catalogue.

Monsters As Humans – Go Get Your Warpaint

Earlier this week, I reviewed the latest EP from Monsters As Humans entitled ‘I’ve Been Saving All My Catharis For This’, you can check it out here. It’s an awesome track and my favourtie from the release, here is what I had to say about it. “A distorted guitar line opens ‘Go Get Your Warpaint’ before chugging riffs and chaotic percussion signal the arrival of the heavier sound found throughout this EP. Again the vocals have a desperation about them switching from shouted lines to harmonious lyrics. Epic build up’s, moments of calm and a huge anthemic chorus gives this spectacular track everything it needs to really grab your attention from the off.”


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