Live Review: Inherit The Stars at Corporation, Sheffield. 7th February 2015

As the name suggests Dirty Water have dirty riffs, a grungy sound and a huge nod to the early nineties. There is some good talent here, it does need refining slightly but they are a very decent act live. There are no harmonious vocals here, more shouty and raw emulating that early grunge sound. Their final song ‘Egg’ is full of deep body shaking sounds and murky tones before quickening up to a hasty end full of riffs and hammered out drums.

Deadset Dream were a brilliant act to warm up the crowd before the headline act with their metal riffs, fast drums, good vocals as well as plenty of melodies and harmonies, they had everything needed to make some great music. Onstage they were full of energy which did help to get the crowd going as well as their melodic metal sound which though occasionally heavy was also full of rhythms you could dance too. A band to make sure you check out from the Sheffield scene.

It was a great set from Inherit The Stars as they put all their energy into this live set and it truly paid off with a crowd enjoying every second of this. A set full of screaming vocals, lyrical harmonies, chugging riffs, a body shaking bass line and hammered out drums all made for a great modern day metal show.

Second track of the night was the brilliant ‘Ground Zero’, a previous single which delivers a metal punch in the face instantly. I’ve said before that this is a great track full of relentless noise and fast paced guitars but it is even better live and went down an absolute treat with Saturday’s Corporation crowd.

Sheffield is a city rich in alt-metal bands with a good history of them and these guys are by far one of the best metal acts I have seen in a long time. They owned the stage entirely throughout their triumphant hometown EP launch show, it was a complete success from start to finish with perfectly crafted riffs with brilliant lyrics and melodies intertwined throughout it all.

Sorry the photos aren’t all that great, clearly my phone and camera do not like Corporation’s lighting


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