This Month, I Have Been… February

February has gone quickly again and I know that there is a few days left before March but the last Sunday of the month for this post is very early in February. I think that may be what had made this month seem even quicker for me with me trying to get this all together. I’ve had a really good month with some lovely days and the rest of the time has been spent quite productively on this blog and working through my to do lists. Here’s to next month being just as good and productive as this one.

Listening To: This month has been yet another varied ones in terms of what I have been listening to, from Fleetwood Mac and Death From Above 1979 to Friendly Fires, Guns and Roses and The War on Drugs. Then there is all the new music I’ve been checking out and will [if they haven’t already] be making an appearance on here very soon. Some of the names include: Cymbals, Future Islands, Port Isla, Flyte, Circa Wave, Inherit The Stars, Deadset Dreams, Moose Blood, The Colourist and more.

This month, I’ve reviews albums/EP’s by Monsters As Humans with their debut EP ‘I’ve Been Saving All My Catharis For This’ and the latest EP release from Essence entitled ‘Smoke and Mirrors’.

And new music artists/tracks that have been featured include ambient jazz duo Eyebrow, the folk collaboration Leveret, the rock meets punk sounds of ‘Out of Sight’ by Horse Party, beautiful country music from Callaghan with ‘Best Year’ and some new music from West Country progressive metal quartet Red Seas Fire.

There was also a new music exclusive featuring The Devil Makes Three courtesy of Skype and their Ones To Watch campaign. As well as a pocast with the trio again brought to us via Skype.

This month’s playlist features lots of new music that has been featured over the course of this month and that I’ve discovered plus some old favourites that have been on repeat this month.

Watching: Mr Selfridge, Game of Thrones Season 4, Silent Witness, Broadchurch, Girls, Catastrophe, House of Fools, Scandal, The Last Leg, QI, Graham Norton Show, The Muskeeters.
I also caught Kingsman at the cinema which is utterly brilliant and definitely worth a watch.


 photo IMG_3005_zpsgyxxx8h5.jpg

Lena Dunham’s ‘Not That Kind Of Girl’ which is simply amazing and brilliant. I love Dunham as a writer and a role model and this book was everything I wanted it to be and more, from advice to funny stories and the inspiration for me to go and write my own novel too. Check out my review here.

Currently reading: A Delicate Truth by John Le Carre


Left to Right: Hippy Houmous Burger with Avocado and Halloumi from Bungalows and Bears / Chedder, Tomato & Basil Omelette with Beetroot & Celaric Salads from Homemade By Thelma’s

My absolute favourite, Mum’s veggie chilli

Tried out a new recipe this month, adapted a recipe for ginger beef with noodles using Quorn steak strips instead

This month I have reviewed The White Lion in Worksop


 photo SAM_0089_zpsecmzotif.jpg

The Reds: red lipstick and red nail varnish, a good one of each every girl should have in her make up stash. For me, these are my two current favourite shades. I have brighter shades of red lipstick and other shades from dark to slightly pink reds in nail varnish but at the moment this Illamasqua lipstick in shade ‘Howl’ and Rimmel Lasting Finish Polish in shade ‘Double Decker Red’ that I’m loving. The red is deep and I think suits my fair skin and hair well, standing out quite a lot but not overpoweringly, a soft smoky eye and then this is all I ever need for a night out. The nail varnish may not be one of the most long lasting ones in my collection but it is a great pillarbox or double decker bus shade red which is just so iconic and awesome. Definite favourites this month.


February was instantly off to a great start with a lovely weekend spent with my boyfriend, the highlights of which being a lovely but very cold walk at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, seeing Kingsman at the cinema and the most amazing Apple, Sultana and Cinnamon Crumble I have ever eaten! Oh and Howard from Bake Off favourited my tweet that weekend too and I fangirled quite a bit.

The week after I had some great news from the hospital which is a positive start for the year for me. On Thursday night, me and my friend Sian attended the pub quiz at The Bath in town and failed pretty miserably. That weekend, I was off to review the Inherit The Stars EP Launch at Corporation which was absolutely brilliant and a great night. After an hour or so in Corp me and my boyfriend bailed early in favour of sleep [we’re getting old] before a lovely lazy Sunday spent doing nothing but sleeping, watching TV and walking to the pub for a roast.

The last couple of weeks have been a mix of work on the blog, getting loads of things organised life wise and just having a generally good time. Last weekend, me and my boyfriend had already planned to spend Friday night together and ended up at Chiquitos before coming home to watch Rush which is a brilliant film. For Valentine’s, he surprised me by booking a table at my favourite place, Homemade By Thelma’s, for lunch. It was a very nice lunch, as to be expected from Homemade by Thelma’s really, and the time we did spend together that day was lovely. Also, the lovely staff at Thelma’s treat me to a free scone for the post I wrote about them earlier this month. Such a nice little gift and the scone was utterly delicious, thank you so much guys!

Some great finds from the Internet this month:

– Another couple of great posts from Zoe this month about how to work from home productively and creatively and this great piece addressing whether the internet has replaced the street for fashion inspiration.

– Becky’s been blogging about her experience with CBT and it has been a great insight into mental health treatment in this country, something which I have dealt with in the past. Here is the first diary, you can find all the rest on her blog.


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