new music: Emma Harrop – Be With Me

Today, I bring you some new music from the wonderful singer songwriter Emma Harrop. After releasing some great
singles, like the catchy, uptempo sounds of ‘Ex Girlfriend’ which I featured last year here. Now though the London based artist is gearing up to release some more new music, this time in the form of latest single ‘Be With Me’. Check out the acoustic version of the song below:

An atmospheric opening from the off with deep, echoey notes and harmonious vocals that sit high above those lower sounds. A marching band drum beat comes in upping the tempo slightly of this calmer and flowing track. Throughout the track remains stunning in its simplicity just leaving minimal sounds to dance around each other and the vocals to really take the fore. Wonderful!

Originally from the North West, this unsigned act has captured the attention of many over the last couple of years with her soulful, acoustic sound and wonderfully written tracks. With the release of this new single, it should hopefully see more to come from this girl over the next few months and I for one hope that is true.

You can download the track and the house remix of it from iTunes now.

To find out more about Emma Harrop visit her website, her Facebook page, her Soundcloud page or you can follow them on Twitter – @emmamyheroine


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