Spring Fashion Wishlist

S/S 2015 Wishlist

With the start of a new season on the way it is time for some wishlisting, whether it is new items I want to add to my wardrobe or styles/trends I want to be coveting, I think it is always good to put a moodboard of how I want to dress for that season together. With that in mind here is my Spring wishlist which seems to have plenty of pattern and prints set alongside a pretty basic colour scheme with some lovely splashes of colour.

Like all my recent wishlists New Look has reigned supreme and it features a lot here as well, the two patterned dresses are from New Look and I love them both so much. I do not need anymore dresses at all but these two are lovely with bright colours, big patterns and flattering cuts, they would be perfect for spring evenings out with friends. The two high neck crop tops are also from New Look and I seriously am loving high neck crop vest at the moment, I don’t have any in my collection at the moment but I really think I will be picking both of these up at some point. I love the basic colour scheme, the striped and checked prints and the tight fit. These are so 90’s but I never wore them first time around, I don’t think my mum though they were appropriate attire for a child, but now I will be definitely be jumping on this 90’s revival bandwagon.

The blazer I love though I probably don’t need yet another monochrome blazer as I already have a few but I think they really will be making a huge appearance throughout my Spring wardrobe as I’m still always drawn to them. I love patterned trousers, these ones are awesome and would make a great addition to the collection I’m slowly trying to build. Both pair of shoes are also from New Look too, how cute are those pastel blue brogues?! I love them as soon as I saw them I knew they had to be mine and I’m predicting they will be very soon. The sandals are something I’ve been wanting since last year, a nice pair of wedge sandals, and I think these fit the bill well plus I need a new pair of sandals anyway as my others are wrecked so it would be rude not to purchase these really.

I love metallics and this metallic gold backpack from New Look is a great one while the mustard tote from Topshop I absolutely adore. If any of you have watched Catastrophe on 4 then you’ll know Sharon Horgan has one like this and I’ve envied it all series, I need this now. The dungarees are again something I’ve wanted since last summer and I think this year will be the year I purchase some and this Topshop pair are definitely a contender while the gingham skirt is just so pretty and reminds me of my childhood and the skirts/dresses I used to wear then.

So that’s it, the styles and pieces I will be wearing or coveting this Spring. What do you think of my picks and what will you be wearing this Spring?


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