EP Review: Milestones – Equal Measures

Equal Measures
Release Date: 6th April 2015

‘Equal Measures’ is the debut EP from Milestones is a great release from a band whose average age is only 18. The band recorded the EP last year with former Bring Me The Horizon sound guy Phil Gonnell, where the quartet created five songs well above their years and are an impressive listen indeed. The Manchester pop-rock four piece have already seen a great reaction to their tracks with their debut single and opening track of this EP gaining over 5000 views online. The EP is to be released in April and will surely be the springboard this band needs to becoming a more well known name.

Kicking straight into ‘More To Me’ with infectious pop punk hooks and sing-song vocals that have that typical pop punk rise and fall to them. The drums create a steady rhythm throughout perfectly taking us from the calmer first verse to a quicker chorus and then a chaotic second verse complete with crashing cymbals and quick, short riffs. A really great opening track that drags you in from the first notes and doesn’t let go.

Great melodic guitars chords that ebb and flow bring us into title track ‘Equal Measures’ before subsiding completely creating a subdued air with lilting vocals and atmospheric sounds. Kicking back in again with backing vocals giving a big sound while vocals soar and drums pound all around the track.

It’s a calmer start to ‘Nothing Left’ with soft vocals and hard hit beats interspersed between them. Around 30 seconds in, we pick up pace and volume with a vocal delivery that mixes big high notes and low, shouted lyrics. The chugging guitars are a brilliant baseline while little intricately played moments are added throughout. It, again like previous tracks on this EP, has a wonderful catchy pop punk edge that will see you singing and dancing along.

‘Counterweight’ has an acoustic start with softly strummed guitar set behind harmonious vocals that rise and fall along with the music. This short song remains hushed with a wonderful flowing feel for what is essentially a quite beautiful love song.

Distant guitar and distorted, echoey vocals start this final track, ‘Sleepless Nights Are Put To Bed’. Cymbal hits ring in the start of the higher tempo and bigger sounds that will be found on the rest of the track. Brisk chugging guitars, stomping drums and sing-along lyrics are the main features of this track which perfectly mixes hardcore rock influences with a poppy, additive sensibilities. It is one of the best tracks of the EP and definitely an excellent note to end on.

Check out the lead single from the EP ‘More To Me’ below:

The band are also playing The Hop in Sheffield at their Empire Festival in May on 17th so if you are around in the city make sure you go down and check these guys out.

To find out more about Milestones visit their Facebook page, their Bandcamp page or you can follow them on Twitter – @UKMilestones


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