tracks of the week #89

These Reigning Days – Invisible Love

This is the new single from South West trio These Reigning Days. This one has long been a live favourite for the band and fans alike and now it is going to be released to an even wider audience which is sure to see the band attract even more people to their wonderful sound. The track is a great epic from the beginning with big piano notes and sad lyrics delivered emotionally, it is a stunning piece of music and one worthy of all and any hype it receives.

Strange Talk – Young Hearts

My boyfriend introduced me to these guys a few weeks ago and since then they have been a bit of a mainstay on my bands/artists I’ve been listening to a lot playlist. Their infectious melodies, dance along rhythms and wonderfully constructed tracks really are a great to listen to and should be an addition on everyone’s playlist. This particular track is one of my favourites of theirs with its oscillating synthy notes and echoey vocals that start this to the harmonious main vocal, a great rhythm creating by the big pounding drums and addictive choruses and sounds. It really is a huge pop song and it is bloody brilliant, I love these guys!


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