Food Review: Drop Dead x Twisted Burger Co at The Harley

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A couple of weeks ago I took my mum to sample the utter highlights of the menu at The Harley. It is one of my favourite places to eat in the city so I thought it was about time I took her there. Plus, I’ve realised I’ve never actually reviewed a meal I’ve had from there so I thought it was also about time that I did that too and with what better burger than the amazing limited edition After Midnight Burger, the latest collaboration between Twisted Burger Co, who’s home is at The Harley, and Drop Dead Clothing.

The latest burger the two companies have come up with is limited to 15 serves a day and because we got there super early I managed to snag one and I’m super glad I did. The burger is 100% vegan and honestly tasted just as good if not better than any other veggie burger I’ve ever had. I’ve never considered going fully vegan before because back when I was a teenager there was barely any choice for vegetarians bar vegans but with food this good being served in a big and great establishment in Sheffield city centre than it would definitely make that transition easier and more viable.

So the burger itself featured the famous and gorgeous falafel patty that is used in the signature Drop Dead burger which is a permenant resident on the normal menu. The different with this is that that jucy and stuffed full of beautiful goodness and tons of flavour was stuffed with a beautifully tasty and smooth guacamole, a lovely addition that I would gladly see added all the time. The hot mango salsa on top of the burger was seriously hot and if you are not a fan of hot food like me I wouldn’t suggest trying it. I’m sure if I was a fan of hot food it would be fine but it was one thing I could have done without. Shredded lettuce and julienne cucumber sat underneath the patty and it was all on a floured vegan bap which was tasty as hell and just beautiful. I’ve recently cut bread out of my diet with gluten free being my usual go to when I fancy a slice of toast but this vegan bun was perfect and light and something I will be on the lookout for to have again. All of that set me back £6.50 which is very reasonable for the big filling burger full of fresh ingredients and gorgeous flavours.

I shared a side of fries with my mum, who had the Gator-bait burger with chicken and pineapple which she loved, and that was truly more than enough to fill me up for the rest of the day. A nice can of Kopperberg to wash it all down with and I think my mum could instantly see why this was one of my favourite places to eat in the city because of it’s amazing burgers and dedication to catering all. I know for a fact I will be back to The Harley soon and I can’t wait for another awesome burger!

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The Harley is situated at 334 Glossop Road, Sheffield, S10 2HW
To find out more about The Harley visit their website or follow them on Twitter – @harleysheffield
To find out more about Twisted Burger Co visit their Facebook page or you can follow them on Twitter – @TwistedBurgerCo


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