throwback tuesday #35

The Throwback Tuesday monthly post is a opportunity for me to revisit the good, cheesy, forgotten or essential parts of music, film, tv and books from my childhood, the past few years or the generations/eras/works of art that have influenced my life in some way.

With the return of HBO’s brilliant Game of Thrones to Sky Atlantic soon I thought it was the perfect time to talk about one of my favourite TV shows at the moment. I must admit I didn’t start watching GoT until last year just before season 4 started I decided to give into the hype and watch all 3 seasons and I was hooked from the first episode. I watched those first 30 episodes in record time for someone who never really binge watches anything at all and as soon as the final episode of season finished I was anxiously awaiting the start of season 4.

I had to wait around a month for it which is nothing compared to long term fans but seriously it was too long! Season 4 was yet another brilliant season and as we all know it has been a long wait to the upcoming season 5 due to start on 13th April on Sky Atlantic. This one promises to be another 10 episodes of shocks, twists, turns, grizzly deaths and the occassional funny moment. I think it is safe to say that season 5 will be yet another good one.

The story which is pretty complicated but basically is a world with seven kingdoms, one King rules them all but the King as with everyone else in the show is never safe. With a hoard of families all fighting for their ‘rightful’ place in the kingdoms or on the throne it sees plenty of fight scenes. Whether it is the North at the Wall with Jon Snow, King’s Landing, the capital, with the Lannisters and their companions or the lands over the sea where the likes of Daenerys Targaryan and The Viper reside it breeds for a show full of rich and interesting characters as well as complex storylines.

If you have not yet watched Game of Thrones, I urge you to go and watch it now! You will not be disappointed at all. For those of you that have not seen the show before check out the trailer for season 1 below:

And for those up to date and awaiting season 5, here is the trailer for that:


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