Book Review: Kerry Wilkinson – Scarred For Life

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I’m a huge fan of crime novels and after kindly being sent this book for review I knew it was one I wanted to get stuck into as soon as possible. This novel is the latest in the Jessica Daniel series, a series which follows the police officer turned Detective Inspector, throughout a variety of cases and her struggle with the work/life balance.

I’ve not read the other novels but that didn’t really matter because it is a novel that stands alone well without leaving you confused about what has happened before. There are a few subtle references to bad things that had clearly happened to Jessica in the other books but it only left you intrigued, not behind, on the storyline.

In this 9th installment in the series, Jessica is having a hell of a bad time, her wallet is stolen, she’s underappreciated and stressed at work and her work is crossing the line, infringing on her personal life. From the off, this novel grabs you in as we see Jessica “undercover” hanging around Manchester Piccadilly train station with her boyfriend trying to catch the elusive pickpocket haunting the police staff before she is called out to a crime scene where we find a local student’s body found in a dustbin. From there on, the cases build with more and more crimes occurring which all seem completely separate at first but you get the feeling as the book goes on that they could all be connected in some way.

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The book moves at a fast pace and is an easy read and you’ll easily be able to read a good few chapters every night. The great descriptions, the suspense used perfectly to keep you reading and the multitude of cases and factors makes you want to keep reading to find out if Jessica will solve all these cases and figure just exactly what is going on.

As a character, Jessica is likeable and relatable to many women and men out there, holding a demanding job for not as much money as she’d love and sacrificing her relationship and free time for her job which she finds tough at the best of times. She’s a strong woman but by no means perfect and I think made me like her more because her flaws are portrayed just as much as her strengths, the makings of a well rounded character.

I really think this is a great read and after finishing the book, I would gladly go back and read the previous stories in the series as they are sure to be just as good as this. If you are looking for a new crime series to get stuck into then look no further than Kerry Wilkinson’s Jessica Daniel series, you won’t go far wrong from the strengths of this latest release.

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* Book sent for review, all opinions my own


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