This Month, I Have Been… March

Like February and January, March has been a pretty great month from starting it on holiday in Budapest to great moments, days spent with friends and doing what I love. With quite a few gigs this month too as well as Mother’s Day, my birthday preparations and other things, it really has been a busy month. It’s also the start of Spring which only means one thing in my book, Spring cleaning. Out with the old and in with the new, after finally getting the ceiling in my bedroom fixed [5 months later!] it has been a springboard to sorting out my room and making it truly perfect as well as clearing space, I may have a big room now but I don’t need to fill it with junk. Anyway, check out what I’ve been up to and loving this month, I hope you have also had a great month. Next up, my favourite of all the month’s, April!

Listening To: A perfect mix of new and old bands/artists whether it is rediscovering old loves like Maximo Park and Franz Ferdinand [particularly their debut] or checking out new music from Best Coast, Courtney Barnett and Strange Talk. After travelling earlier in the month where old favourites like Foals and The Maccabees took over my listening habits to nights out which have brought out new songs for me to love or reminded me of old favourites. Also, Uptown Funk has been stuck in my head lots!

This month, I’ve reviewed albums/EP’s from Milestones with their debut EP ‘Equal Measures’and the debut album ‘headbumpkiss’ from Gray Charles

And new music artists/tracks that have been featured include the brilliant Coates, the gorgeous folk sounds of Josienne Clarke and Ben Walker, some alt-rock from Sheffield five piece Deadset Dream, London teens Paradise Underground, Welsh rockers My Favourite Runner Up, an update on the latest from Canadian singer/songwriter Christina Martin and the absolutely brilliant UK alternative band Mooseblood.

You can also check out my review of The Maccabees at Leadmill in case you missed that too.

Again, this month’s playlist features some great new discoveries, my most listened to tracks and some old favourites. Check it out below:

Watching: The Muskeeters, Mr Selfridge, Game of Thrones Season 4, The Casual Vacancy, Fortitude, Girls, House of Fools, Criminal Minds Season 10, Gogglebox, Scandal Season 4, Charlie Brooker’s Weekly Wipe, Masterchef. Also, the highlight of my month, Raised By Wolves, I absolutely adore this sitcom written by Caitlin and Caz Moran. With a prodomenently female cast, it gives a refreshing take on the lives of normal families and teenage girls that is something usually ignored, addressing issues by normalising them and being funny as hell.


 photo IMG_3043_zpsmbhjkq23.jpg

 photo IMG_3070_zpslzxubs6w.jpg

I finished reading A Delicate Truth at the very end of last month and it truly was a wonderful read. Again LeCarre can do no wrong in my eyes with every single novel being utterly captivating from start to finish. You can read my review of it here. I also started and finished the wonderful Scarred For Life which is the latest novel in the Jessica Daniel series by Kerry Wilkinson, it’s a great and easy read and a crime novel that anyone will get easily sucked into. Check out my review of the novel here.

Currently Reading: One Day by David Nicholls


 photo photo 3_zpse9uu7j8j.jpg

Drop Dead x Twisted Burger at The Harley / Fried Zucchini and Goats Cheese on Rice from Spinoza Cafe, Budapest

Mediterranean Breakfast / Tea and Croissant, both at Blue Bird Cafe, Budapest

Mother’s Day Lunch at The Showroom: Vegetarian Roast / Cheese Board

This month, I have reviewed the latest collaboration between Drop Dead Clothing and Twisted Burger Co at The Harley.


 photo IMG_3068_zps9uw1xcu0.jpg

Cat Highlighters from Paperchase – How cute are these?! When I was out shopping for Mother’s Day a couple of week’s ago I popped into Paperchase for a card and on my stroll round the beautiful stationary I spotted these super cute cat highlighters and I couldn’t resist parting with £2 for these beauties. I may already have highlighters but they are not nearly as cute as these and what more does any cat lover need than anything cat related.
Black Block Heels from Asda – I picked these up a couple of weeks ago while I was wandering round the clothing area, I spotted them instantly I just thought how lovely they were. I’ve been looking for a sensible but nice black court show with a block heel that isn’t too high for a long, long time and I’ve finally found them. For £12, these are a total bargain and will definitely be a staple of my shoe wardrobe as they really will be perfect for everything from days out shopping to interviews to nights out with friends.


The very end of last month saw a busy week for me with two gigs, The Maccabees and The Cribs, both at Leadmill one day after the next. After a week spent working, blog organising and packing for the holiday, the weekend that saw February turn into March was spent with a night in on Friday night eating pizza, Saturday I went to my first ever baby shower for my friend who is due to give birth soon which was lots of fun before a nice relaxed Sunday.

On the Tuesday, me and my boyfriend flew to Budapest for our first holiday together. It was a great break away from a very busy year so far where I’ve been working on this blog nonstop as well as other things going on. It was also nice to spend some time together exploring a new city. Budapest really is a wonderful city and I loved it there, I would definitely go back again in the future and I really want to at some point. There is so much to see and do there with a ton of culture everywhere you turn, it is easily one of my favourite European cities. You can check out my Travel and Photo Diary of Budapest here and you can check out my city guide to Budapest here.

As soon as I was back from holiday it was straight back to it with meetings with friends, Mother’s Day shopping and the day itself, sorting a new car out for mum and having the ceiling in my bedroom finally fixed. By the end of the week I was tired but I’d accomplished a lot along with writing more pieces for here and having a bit of a blog rethink, holidays clearly spark my productivity. It’s a busy time for me personally so taking a step back is something that needs to be done for me but I’ll still continue blogging as much as possible. I’m still figuring out some things but I’m working on others too so expect to see changes in posts and posting habits soon.

Some Great Finds from the Internet This Month:

– This inspiring post by Zoe on it being totally ok to carve your own path in life.

– Like I mentioned earlier, Raised by Wolves is one of my favourite things about this month and if you’ve not caught up with it yet then check it out on Channel 4’s website.


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