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Today, I bring you some new music from West Midlander Waylor. Describing himself as a ‘slow mover, failed child model and sometime gambler’ it is luckily with music that he has settled especially when the quality of the music he is producing is this good. Below is the track ‘Evangeline (I Need A Sign)’ and it is the first track to be unveiled from his forthcoming EP.

This soft sounds ebb and flow throughout the track gently lulling us into a sense of calm. The lilt of the vocal is wonderful sitting perfectly alongside the subdued melodies of the guitar and the quietened drum beats and cymbal hits. There is a slight psychadelic flare to some of these sounds from the echoey nature of them to the soaring vocal notes, it has that wonderful 60’s feel but brought up to date for a modern day indie twist.

After playing in Dry The River and Forced Random, M. Taylor aka Waylor has decided that now is the right time to go solo and release his own music to the world. ‘Slowlands’ is the name of the soon to be released EP and with such a strong first single it seems like it will be a good one to keep your eyes and ears out for.

You can download the single for free now from website and the EP will be released and available for download on 30th March.

To find out more about Waylor you can visit his website, his Soundcloud page or you can follow him on Twitter – @savethewayl


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