10 Things I Have Learnt In My Twenties

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So in my attempt to write about things I truly want to and feel passionate about I’m going to add more lifestyle and personal posts on here. Nothing I’m not comfortable with as I’m a private person really but just showing that there is more to me and my writing than music reviews and fashion outfits.

I feel like I have learnt a lot in my 20’s, I’m only 23 but at times I feel like I have learnt more in the past 3 years than I did in the 20 years previous. Here are just some of the things that I have learnt so far, I’m sure many of you in your twenties will relate to these but at the same time I know everything here is completely relevant and personal to my own life and experiences.

You will find out just exactly who your real friends are. It’s hard to admit but you’ll outgrow friends and some may turn out to not be what you thought they were but at the end of it all the ones who are left are the ones who are meant to be there, the ones that will support you and love you for who you are, flaws and all.

It is the perfect time to experiment creatively. Whether it is a creative project, a new hobby or even playing around with new fashions, this is the best time to experiment with your creativity because you can try whatever you like and even if it fails you totally have the experience and attitude to deal with it and pull off the disasters.

Never be scared to be the person you truly are. When I was a teenager I hid a lot of myself for fear of what people would think of me whereas now I look back with regret but mainly sadness that I felt I couldn’t express myself fully. Since I’ve entered my 20’s I couldn’t care less what people think of me, my fashion sense, music taste, whatever really. I’m not going to hide myself anymore.

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Sometimes only chocolate, Netflix and cat cuddles will do. Well when my cat actually lets me cuddle her. But in all seriousness, not every day is great and that is fine, wallow in your own self pity for a bit with chocolate, a pampering session, a Netflix binge, whatever makes you happy then pull yourself together and carry on with life because what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.

You’ve never been more free to follow your dreams. Whether it is travelling, moving to the other side of the world, setting up your own business, training for a career, whatever it is now is the time to try it. Most 20-something’s don’t have responsibilities like mortgages, partners, kids etc, it’s just you so be selfish for a few years and follow your dreams, you’ll only regret it if you don’t.

Travel is important and essential. This really is so true, I speak from experience. I’ve been lucky to visit many cities and when I went travelling round Europe in 2012 it was an experience I’ll never forget. I gained so much from it, confidence, an insight into different cultures, independence, reliability on myself and living on just the essentials. It was a great experience and something I would recommend to everyone if you can do it and for me, I plan on seeing as many places as possible over the course of my lifetime. I’ve always belived that it is more than just a holiday, it is life enrichment.

Your mum is not only your parent but your best friend and the greatest woman you will ever know. I’ve always relied on my mum, me and her are very close. I was never really a rebellious, ‘I hate you mum’ teenager, though I had my moments, but it’s since I hit my 20’s and life has become more serious that I realise just how much I need her and how she is not just my parent but my best friend, advice giver, listener, my biggest fan and constant inspiration. Along with my Grandma, she taught me to be strong and independent whilst also being a caring and loving person. She forever inspires me and proves time and time again that she is the greatest woman I’ll ever know.

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Usually your best days are the ones spent away from social media. Because usually when I’m not on social media I’m out doing something fun. Whether it is spending time with the people I care about, being on holiday and exploring, at a festival, a day trip or whatever else it could be. I don’t spend that much time on social media anyway really but I relish holidays and days away from home as I know my phone is left to one side, only there for an emergency or photo taking, and I truly spend my time enjoying the moment and everything that is going on around me.

Document everything but don’t forget to live and emerse yourself in the experience too. I’m a true believer in documenting life, not just for me but for the generations after me. I’ve recently become obsessed with scrapbooking and am working on 3 at once and I also write a diary, not every day but I like to check in every month at least. These are the things I will look to as a reminder of my life and especially the good times but while that is said don’t forget to live in the moment, experience everything and emerse yourself in that moment. Whether you are at a gig, experiencing a once in a lifetime event or just spending time with loved ones though it is nice to capture images, it is also good to just let yourself get taken away in that moment without any distractions of trying to capture the perfect image.

The best thing you can do is follow your own path in life, do what pleases you and live in the moment. There is not much else to add to that really, it is what I live by every day and will continue to live by for the rest of my life.


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