Travel Bucketlist: Europe

With a focus more towards travel on this blog, I thought it best not only to write about the places I’ve been but also the places I want to go to. Years ago I made a travel bucketlist and though I’ve ticked off quite a few cities and countries so far, there are still many places I still have to discover. I thought I’d split my list into sections and I’m kicking off with the closest places to where I live with Europe. I’ve been to a lot of places in Europe and there are cities and countries I’d love to go back to and explore more but here are the places I have never been and am desperate to visit.













































































































Honestly, who doesn’t want to go to Scandanavia? Just look at it! It’s so beautiful that I would gladly spend a huge portion of time getting to explore the different countries that make up this wonderful place. Not just the capital cities either, though they would be on my hit list obviously, but the more remote places, the harbours, the great landscapes, areas of beauty and areas of civilisation. I’ve already been to Copenhagen and I absolutely adored that city, it’s laidback attitude and feel along with the sheer beauty of the place had me visualising a life where I lived there and I know I’d be quite happy. I’d love to go back there as well as exploring the rest of the places this wonderful part of the world has to offer.












































I’ve always wanted to go to this city, it was one of the places that I missed out on my Europe trip and I was so annoyed that I couldn’t find any way at all to fit it in. Although, I guess I know have a great destination for a city break in the future. I’ve always loved the look of this place and it has been on my travel bucketlist for years and years. The look and feel of the place seems absolutely perfect to me and I do love Belgium as a country. Maybe I’ll have to make a week of it taking in Bruges and then zooming across to Brussels as I’d love to go back there and spend a bit longer enjoying the capital this time.














































Out of all the places I’ve visited in Europe, one of the countries I’ve still never been to is Ireland. Ireland looks like the most perfect place to visit in the world so tranquil but also full of life and culture. Dublin is the city I’d love to kick off my Ireland adventure in though, it is so close yet seems so far away with the fact that I haven’t been. There is so much I could do here, whiskey distilleries, all the sport you could wish for especially rugby and great music and great pubs. Also, great food and basically all of those things make a great city break for me including awesome architecture and a river I can walk along. This city is next on my list and I hope to visit it before the end of the year for sure.

Look out for my next 2 Travel Bucketlist posts soon!


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