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Let me introduce you to the wonderful Artefact, this South Wales band are one of my new favourite music loves and will hopefully become one of yours as well. There isn’t a lot about these guys online just their Bandcamp page, a couple of pictures and a fleeting mention on Hannah Louise Fashion which is where I first heard about them.

The female fronted act have produced a seriously great EP with seven awesome tracks laden with a goth edge and that brilliant early 90’s post punk, My Bloody Valentine-esque sound. Check out ‘Poison’ from the EP below:

Demo by Artefact

With those deep, sludgy bass lines sinonimous with some of the best early 80’s and early 90’s tracks kicking this off you know it is going to be good. With punky vocals that walk the line between talking, shouting and singing, it gives something a little different in today’s world of constantly striving for harmonies. The fastly played grungey guitar mirrors the delivery of the vocal while a great rhythm comes from the drums which for once let the bass line do all the rhythm section talking. A great track from what are a band to keep an eye on.

To find out more and to download their EP for free visit their Bandcamp page.


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