tracks of the week #93

Teleman – Strange Combinations

I first heard this track on 6Music and was instantly drawn in with the catchy beats and wonderful melodies. It is a really great track that will pull you in from the first notes and make it hard for you to let go. It has a sort of Kraftwerk-esque nature about it that I absolutely adore and it really is by far one of the best singles I have heard so far this year. Make sure you check it out.

Michael Price – Easter

I also heard this track on 6Music recently, Mary Anne Hobbs took over the schedule one afternoon to play some new music and this was one of the tracks she played. It is so beautiful in its simplicity, stunning in the use of Cathedral bells and just utterly wonderful throughout the entire track. It is one of those tracks that will stun you into silence when you hear it just so you can capture every single note and melody, truly brilliant.


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