EP Review: Lyonn – We’ll Light The Sky

We’ll Light The Sky
Release Date: 7th April 2015

Having already released an EP, ‘Promenade’, as a solo artist, founding member Tyler teamed up with Attila back in December last year. Lyonn became a duo and with that their sound clearly got bigger and more polished and as they hit it off so quickly musically this was only going to be a good idea. ‘We’ll Light The Sky’ is the product of the last 5 months and what a great product it is, a wonderfully put together body of four tracks that span the best of indie, pop and alternative sounds.

The EP opens with single ‘Empty Bed’ and straight away we are cast into the midst of this uptempo track with crashing cymbals and oscillating guitar chords. When the vocals come in they have a harmony that runs throughout but also a slight breathlessness which makes for a more interesting sound to the voice. The music here is uplifting and it really is a great pop track through its sheer catchiness with those intricate melodies and building moments.

There is a more ethereal feel to ‘We’ll Light The Sky’ whose calming opening features flowing, almost ocean-like sounds backing up the drawn out voice. This is a really beautiful song that relies more on the simple, yet beautiful tones that can be produced from things like keys and drums, working to produce a stunning title track.

In stark comparison is ‘Shining Eyes’ with its slightly grungy guitar line that opens this before fast beats and hook-laden synths are added. The vocals are much more urgent here, delivered in quick bursts and reaching soaring conclusions. The great rhythms only help to add to the sheer addictiveness of this one and I can see it going down perfectly live.

It is a calmer ending with the soft notes of ‘Iceburg’ where vocals full of emotion are left to stand only against a building piano line which is full of drama itself. The choruses are packed with epic sounds which though suppressed only add to the suspenseful edge. It is a song so wrought with emotion and tenseness that you almost feel like it is going to burst at any point and that is exactly what it does around halfway through with huge moments musically and vocals that peak on enormous high notes. A really great track to end this brilliant EP on.

Check out the single ‘Shining Eyes’ taken from the EP below:

The EP is out now and you can listen to it via Soundcloud or Bandcamp.

To find out more about Lyonn visit their website, their Facebook page or you can follow them on Twitter – @LyonnTweets


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