Food Review: V Revolution, Manchester

The day before my birthday, my boyfriend surprised me with a trip to Manchester. I love Manchester it is one of my favourite cities and I’d not been in a long time, he’d planned for a day in the Northern Quarter which I was completely onboard with. After a morning of shopping and great coffee at Fig and Sparrow, we headed for something to eat and as it was my day it was my choice out of the veggie options my boyfriend had found for me. After checking out the menu in Night and Day and not being overly taken with anything, I opted for V Revolution.











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V Revolution is an entirely vegetarian and vegan establishment with everything on the menu being 100% vegan and they market themselves as vegan fast food, a great and much needed concept. I don’t know of any restaurants in Sheffield that have a fully vegan menu and not one veggie or vegan serving establishment here has a fast food style option, it’s a really great idea that I’m surprised hasn’t caught on because even though we don’t eat meat it doesn’t mean we don’t like to eat something bad for us every now and again.

 photo photo 1_zpsfaddryxj.jpg

Onto the food, there was so much choice for me that I didn’t know what to have as I’ve never had a menu packed of options like this one in a long time. I opted for the Barbecuban Missile Crisis burger which not only has a great name but a great taste too. The vegan ‘beef’, ‘bacon’ and ‘cheese’ were topped with barbecue sauce and crispy onions and sat on top of beautiful coleslaw making for one of the best burgers I’ve eaten in a while.

I love a good veggie patty made with vegetables and spices but this vegan beef burger was amazing, tasty and not dry at all which has been a problem I’ve found with some other veggie beef burgers. The vegan bacon and cheese were also lovely and had some great flavours which married well with those delicious crispy onions and barbecue sauce. The burger came with nachos instead of chips and honestly I think that was a better idea as the burger was so filling making the lighter side of nachos was much more welcome than something heavier like chips.

 photo photo 2_zpsirfmgpnl.jpg

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We decided against dessert as we were both really full from the lovely burgers and even my non-vegetarian, meat in burger preferring boyfriend was impressed with the vegan burger he had [same as mine] which I think shows that you don’t have to be vegan or vegetarian to enjoy the food here as it is of such good quality.

All in all, the restaurant is one I would go back to next time I’m in Manchester and I really wish there was one of these in Sheffield because it is much needed. With its American diner style decor, friendly atmosphere, great menu that can also cater for those who are gluten free and very reasonable prices, it was £5 for my burger and nachos which is a total bargain. This really is a great fast food restaurant with a difference and I would completely recommend it to vegans, vegetarians and meat eaters alike.

V Revolution is situated at 88 Oldham Street, Manchester
To find out more about V Revolution visit their Facebook page or you can follow them on Twitter – @vrevolutionyeah


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