new music: Port Isla

Today, I’m bringing you an act I’ve already featured on the blog before in a tracks of the week post but I thought it was only fair that I gave them and you all a proper introduction especially as they are one of the latest bands I’ve found that I’ve been listening to non-stop. Let me introduce you all to the wonderful Port Isla, a quartet of guys from Norwich making some absolutely brilliant music.

Above is their latest single ‘A.L.I.V.E.’ taken from the soon to be released EP of the same name. The track starts with uplifting chords from the off backed up by a great drum rhythm and that crash adding drama in just the right places. It is a wonderful track with a feel good atmosphere giving it a total summer feel and will surely see it become a festival anthem this year in the fields of the UK. Vocals soar alongside a great bass line and guitar that pump out catchy hooks throughout this one, while choruses are huge in sound and feel. Brilliant.

That new EP is set to be released on May 24th this year and will mark the mid-point of an already busy touring year and beginning of more touring to come including festival appearances at the likes of Barn on The Farm and Kendal Calling. The band have already released two EP’s prior to this new one, ‘The Steamroller’ EP released early last year and the ‘In The Long Run’ EP which was released 4 months ago, both EP’s seeing the band gain a good following and getting to showcase their talents early on.

The quick succession of EP’s is a great thing for the band getting their music out their instantly, not hanging about for drawn out release dates, keeping fans and new listeners happy and crucially each release is as good if not a nice improvement on the last. Definitely check out ‘A.L.I.V.E.’ when it is released in May but in the meantime check out those great earlier releases which you can find on their Soundcloud page.

To find out more about Port Isla visit their website, their Facebook page, their Soundcloud page or you can follow them on Twitter – @portisla


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