Spring Fashion 2015: My Top 3 Trends

With Spring is well and truly here, I thought now was the perfect time to take a look at this season’s trends and pick out my favourite 3 for a more in depth look at. There seems to be a lot of trends for this Spring/Summer but many that I’m not hugely bothered about but the three I’ve chosen below, Denim, White and Shirt Dresses, are my favourites of the lot. Let me know what you think of these trends for Spring/Summer and what your favourite trends are for this season.





















source – style.com























source – etsy.com





















source – honestlywtf.com


I find it weird really that denim is a trend because it is such a staple and versatile fabric that it just seems more like an essential item than a trend but if it is going to be classed as a trend for this Spring then that is definitely something I can get behind. I’m not overly keen on the ripped jeans or 70’s flares that are currently on the high street, preferring to stick to a classic skinny jean instead but there are some trend pieces that I’m glad have made a return. Denim dresses, denim skirts and dungarees are items that I’m glad have made a return for Spring 2015. I’ve just bought a pair of dungarees after scouring the web for around 3 years for the perfect pair so that is definitely a purchase I am more than happy with. I’m still after the perfect denim dress though and maybe a denim skirt too which would totally throw me back to my 14 year old self when short denim skirts with badges and patches on were all the rage. I think a denim dress when cut and dyed right and then styled correctly can be simple but completely stylish as an outfit and that is what I’m all about stylish simplicity. So as a trend, denim is definitely something I can get on board with.



































source – womensfashion12.blogspot.com.tr




















source – buzzfeed.com


Now this could be a disaster just waiting to happen for me as I’ve never really grown out of my childhood clumsiness but I have a real love for white clothing at the moment. I think what I like about it is the simplicity, the fact that it would be a great addition to a monochrome outfit and that it looks so fresh and simple to wear. I may be pale so I’m probably not the best candidate for white clothing but I bought some white denim shorts, a simple white shirt and a white lace dress last year and they were some of my most loved items of clothing over the course of the summer and I can see them getting plenty of wear again this year. I’m not really sure if there are any more white pieces that I really need to buy this year but making white clothing a bigger part of my wardrobe and outfits this Spring will be something I’m aiming for.


























source – fashionsy.com





















source – organized-clutter.tumblr.com

Shirt Dresses

I’m a huge fan of the shirt dress as it is one of the easiest pieces to wear and pull off. I had a vintage checked one that I wore to death during my teenage years but had to get rid of it a couple of years ago as it really had seen better days. Now though I’m on the look out for one that is as similar as I can get to replace it with for this Spring/Summer. I’d also love the denim dress I was talking about getting earlier to be a shirt dress and fulfil two criteria all at once, that’s the dream but we’ll see what happens with that one. Like I said it is the simplicity of the shirt dress that draws me to it, it can be easily dressed up with heels, statement jewellery and a clutch or dressed down with tights, brogues and a hat for daytime wear. The perfect item for this season in my opinion.


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