new music: The Stirs

Kidderminster quartet The Stirs are an indie rock band slowly but surely making a name for themselves in their hometown and much further afield through their social media profiles and the importance they put on getting out there in front of crowds playing shows. The guys have recently recorded a new track entitled ‘Summertime’ due for release soon, while the finished track is yet to be released you can check out the practice session version from their Soundcloud below:

The above track may not be the finished piece but I’ve heard the final track and that is what I shall be reviewing for you. It is a sudden start with a drum beat, cymbal crash and guitar strum all bringing heavily before calming and letting a solitary and authoritive bass line take over to bring us into this one properly. There is a punk feel here from that commanding nature of the bass while the vocals and guitars give a more rock and roll feel with a slightly more poppy chorus through the catchy melodies. It is a really great song that has been put together well, showcases the band’s clear talent and shows promise for the future, not just for the band but for the Midlands indie scene with this brilliant new addition in the form of The Stirs.

With shows and festival appearances across the Midlands, Leicestershire and Wales scheduled for the next few months, there are plenty of opportunities to catch these guys live while they get their music out there and hone their craft through gaining experience on the live circuit.

If you can’t make a show, it is worth keeping an eye on the guy social channels for recent releases and news too. You can follow The Stirs via Facebook, their Soundcloud page or their Youtube Channel.


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