EP Review: Castaway/Statutes – The Split EP

The Split EP
Release Date: 25th May 2015

Nottingham based punk meets grunge band Castaway and Midlands based melodic hardcore quintet Statutes met when they were placed on the same bill together; after becoming good friends, the bands who have completely different sounds, decided to record a split EP together. The idea progressed and began to take shape through practice sessions and finally, in January, the guys went into the studio to record with only a day for each of the band’s to record. ‘The Split EP’ is set to be released next month and features 3 tracks from each act, Castaway’s tracks are the first three while Statutes close it with the final trio.

Opening track ‘Hexes’ kicks straight in with a fuzzy guitar riff whose dirty notes sit well alongside clattering cymbals and big drum hits. These predate the shouted/screamed vocals with a gritty vocal tone which add perfectly to the grunge sound here. It is a track that grabs your attention from the off through spiteful vocals and heavy moments, building up your anticipation of what is to come from this EP.

A quick, echoey riff opens ‘Milk’ before it really gets off to a start with screams and chaotic percussion. The vocals here may have lost that rock grit but the screams match the fast-paced, furious nature of the track perfectly. Huge guitar riffs and cymbals that crash take us through the final chorus ending everything with a bang. A truly massive rock track.

Thumping drums and cymbal hits start ‘June 15th’ while a calmer yet still dirty riff is a prominent feature from beginning to end. Again, the lyrics tell a story, an edge of hate running through them portrayed well through gravelly vocals that strain every last note filling it with emotion. A quiet middle eight builds back up slowly through a steady riff and hi-hat until we reach screaming vocals, screeching guitar notes and a huge, threatening bass line to close.

A great track for Castaway to end on and pass the baton on to Statutes for their very different half of this split EP.

A soft build up of oscillating guitar chords and atmospherics brings us in to ‘Good Luck Spycatcher’ showing the contrast between the two bands instantly. One grungy and chaotic, the other more melodic and calm. The main similarity is those screaming vocals exuding emotion and sitting alongside that building riff through the first half of this. Crashing in with haunting guitar, huge drums and cymbal bursts creating a hardcore meets metal feel, while intricate riffs take us through a middle eight before ending with chaos and frantic vocals.

In contrast, ‘Incoherent Bond’ has a more tumultuous start with a slapdash drum style and the screaming getting somewhat lost in the opening music. However, things calm down for verses where lyrics are left to shine against steady guitar lines and drum beats. This may be short but it is to the point, hitting you with a wall of noise from the first chords to the last.

Final track, ‘Character Assassin’ builds by adding layers of sounds throughout with disorganised cymbals, ebbing and flowing riffs, the addition of gang vocals and a mix of harmonious moments and heavier, rock fuelled attributes all giving this track a great edge, before ending on fast guitars and drawn out vocals.

Check out the video of one of the tracks by Statutes ‘Character Assassin’ below:

To find out more about Castaway visit their Facebook page, their Bandcamp pageTo find out more about Statutes visit their Facebook page, their Bandcamp page or you can follow them on Twitter – @statutesband


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