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Today I’m going to bring you some catchy atmospheric synth pop from Melbourne four piece Strange Talk. I’ve featured these guys on the blog before in a tracks of the week post but it is definitely about time that these guys were featured on the blog properly with a new music post all about the great new act.

The above track ‘Young Hearts’ is a previous single from the band and has a really uplifting sound with building synths, wonderful, gentle atmospherics and harmonious vocals that have a lovely, singsong quality to them. The infectious nature of the choruses will see you dancing and singing along to this one with huge, soaring moments and backing vocals that add the enormity of this. It really is a stunning track that is sure to get stuck in your head and I imagine would be such a great song to experience live as well.

After the release of 2014’s debut album ‘Cast Away’ the band have become even more popular with their infectious sounds and constat touring. Huge amounts of online followers have really pushed this band into one to keep your eye on, popping up more and more on blogs and websites. Surely there will be more great things to come from the quartet during the course of this year so check these guys out and make sure that you keep up with all the latest from this great pop act.

To find out more about Strange Talk visit their website, their Facebook page, their Soundcloud page or you can follow them on Twitter – @Strange_Talk


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