tracks of the week #96

Strange Talk – Young Hearts

I featured this track only a couple of days ago in a new music post on the band but I had to make this a track of the week because it is just so bloody amazing. The wonderful atmospherics, the soaring choruses, infectious melodies and wonderful poppy vocals makes this a track that is just bound to put a smile on every single person’s face. I love this band and if you do nothing else today, I’d suggest it would be checking out as much from Strange Talk as possible.

Leftfield – Universal Everything

I heard this track for the first time on Radcliffe and Maconie’s show on 6Music last Friday and I loved it instantly. It had me dancing along to the awesome beats and great melodies and it really was one of those put a smile on your face because it is the end of the week tracks. Perfect for you to check out now it is Friday again.


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