EP Review: Hardactors – Bloom







source – eemusic.co.uk

Release Date: 8th December 2014

Indie rock band Hardactors from Bury St Edmunds have recently released their debut EP ‘Bloom’. Released in December 2014, the twopiece, now based in London, released the EP through independent label Animal Farm and have received good reviews about the EP too. They are currently recording new music as well as touring and playing some festivals over the next few months but for now there is this great debut to keep interest around this band growing.

Kicking straight in to ‘Dig Your Heels’ with a jazzy, upbeat guitar line that instantly sets up a great atmosphere from the off. A prominent funky bass line and quick drum beats are added to the fast pace of this. Vocally, we have a great range from soaring high notes to lower bassy notes, all of which creates a great harmony running alongside the dance along music.

There is a much darker feel from the start on ‘Eye To Eye’ with the emphasis on the bass line and muffled guitars and vocals. That is before the slow yet still catchy verse with softer vocals, calmer percussion and an emphasis on the sultry jazz sounds. Choruses also maintain the slower feel though they build and build before quickly merging back into the flowing sounds.

A dream poppy sound opens ‘Cowardess’ with flowing guitar lines and atmospheric notes dancing between chords. The vocals have a breathlessness to their harmonic nature which build perfectly alongside that guitar. The chorus picks up pace slightly with a more sinister sound to the voice and rhythmical beats that merge into huge drum hits.

It’s a very immediate start from ‘Half Moon Eyes’ with dramatic notes, a darker atmosphere and storytelling vocals that again showcase their impressive range. It is a great track that carries us throughout perfectly with music that changes from [dramatic] to calming. Deep bass and electric strummed guitar create a rock tinged middle eight which fades out and back into the wonderful indie that plays us out.

A swaying guitar line and voice bring us into ‘Emily Rei – Bloom Version’. Again, vocals soar here while the acoustic ranges from the smaller strums of the verse to the building chords of the choruses that matches the rise and fall of the voice. A simple yet lovely track to end this EP on.

Check out ‘Dig Your Heels’ from the EP below:

To find out more about Hardactors visit their Facebook page, their Soundcloud page or you can follow them on Twitter – @Hardactors

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