Tuesday Tips #7: How To Pack For A Music Festival Like A Pro

This month, I’m going a little different with my Tips post. Instead of 5 top tips like I normally put together on a subject, I have decided to put together a bit of a checklist and just general need to know information for packing for a festival. I’ve seen a couple of posts like this before but the problem with many of them is that they seem too fashion based and suggect clothing and footwear more suitable for Coachella then the muddy fields of the likes of Glastonbury.

I’ve put together a checklist below of things that I always pack when I head to a festival. I’ve been to Leeds Festival a couple of times so I’ve picked up a few top tips and must haves over the years and I’m hoping to pass on my knowledge to you for a bit more of a realistic set of tips and advice on festival packing, style and what you need.

 photo SAM_0179_zpsisaevpdv.jpg

First up, Clothing, the appropriate kind:

– Shorts – Denim
– Floaty Dresses – around knee lengths
– Tees and Vests
– Hoodies & Jumpers
– Waterproof Jacket – preferably thick
– Thick Socks – 2/3 Pairs
– Wellies or Walking Boots
– Hats – Beanie and Sun Hat
– Sunglasses

Above are the main things I always pack when I go to a festival because they are practical, withstand pretty much all weathers and really are the essential wardrobe staples for any girl’s festival wardrobe. Denim shorts are a must from classic cut off Levi’s to more brightly coloured options as long as the shorts are denim then you can do no wrong. The denim is strong enough to withstand sitting in fields or different weathers while shorts are a great option instead of jeans especially if it rains as they dry out quicker. I always pack a dress or two for good weather days, tips are above knee length so no mud stains, something easy to layer on top of, patterns for an instant stylish piece and definitely put some shorts underneath for Monroe-esque moments.

Everything else is pretty understandable from waterproofs for the inevitable rain to hoodies/jumpers for warmth on cold days and the always chilly evenings. Wellies or walking boots are the only footwear choices you should consider as they are always needed and when it does rain you will not be the one slipping over and covered in mud, sneakers and any other shoes should not even be packed at all. Socks are needed for the wellies and warmth, hats for either warmth or protection from the sun and sunglasses for in case the sun does decide to make an appearance over the course of the weekend. Add these all to your packing list ASAP as they are the main things you need in your festival wardrobe.

 photo SAM_0172_zpsbdlgk36u.jpg

Make Up:

The Essentials:
– Concealer
– Mascara
– BB Cream
– Lip Balm

The Optional:
– Kohl Eyeliner
– Lipstick
– Powder

Let’s be serious you do not need a full face of make up because no one even cares what anyone looks like past Friday evening anyway and by the time it gets to Sunday anyone looking remotely put together usually gets some funny looks. For the reason, you do not need a bursting make up bag, all you need are the essentials.

For me, I definitely need concealer which will hide a multitude of sins and the inevitable circles under your eyes from like of sleep. Mascara is also a must as I have very pale eyelashes and a sweep of mascara makes me look much more awake and makes my eyes look bigger too. Lip balm is an essential to stop dry, chapped lips while BB Cream is not always needed but is nice to have in your bag in case you are having a really bad skin day. Usually I also include powder in there too to stop the oiliness that creeps in during late afternoon from happening.

As much as I love lipstick and eyeliner and they are daily basics at home I tend not to take them to festivals because I can’t be bothered to try and perfect a cat eye flick or the perfect red lip in a festival field. To me anything else is unnecessary because it shouldn’t be about spending the day making sure you look good, it should be about spending the day making sure you are having fun.

 photo SAM_0175_zpsnrdiuubw.jpg

The Important Bit, Toiletries:

– Make Up Wipes
– Normal/Baby Wipes & Washlets
– Deoderant
– Rollerball Perfume
– Hairbrush & Bobbles/Kirby Grips
– Dry Shampoo
– Micellar Water Cleanser
– Toothbrush/Toothpaste
– Cotton Pads
– Tissues
– Suncream – you never know


This really is the part of your packing that in my opinion you should not be skimping on, there are certain things you will need when you are in the middle of the campsite so making sure you are prepared is a must. First up, pack wipes and all of them, make up wipes for your face, baby wipes for the inevitable baby wipe shower and washlets which we all know are an absolute hygine must. You obviously want to make sure that you are not only clean but smell nice, have the hair essentials to deal with four day old hair and something such as cleansing water for the best clean your face will get in days.

Things such as cotton pads and tissues are essential but are usually always forgotten while suncream may not be needed but it is better to be prepared just in case your festival happens to take place during a heatwave. And I can’t stress enough to pack the hand sanitizer! I’d take at least 2 bottles because you will go through that stuff in no time, it really is one of my biggest essential and one of the first things I always pack. I’m never without it on a day to day basis and at a festival my hand sanitizer reliability just becomes a little bit extreme. Make sure you pack it!

 photo SAM_0176_zpsw1sv4nhr.jpg

Some Other Essentials:

– Spare Phone Battery or Portable Charger – no one wants to run out of phone battery in the middle of a field!
– Money – plus somewhere you can stash £20 just in case the worst happens
– Watch – a cheap one is preferable
– A decent sized, sturdy, crossbody, zip fasten bag – the closer you keep your essentials and much treasured possessions to yourself the better
– Booze – let’s be honest here, it really is an essential
– Food – substantial stuff for hungover mornings and hungry moments especially chocolate for sugar crashes
– Medication – whether a drug you are prescribed for every day use or things such as paracetamol and as many stomach settlers as is humanly possible.
– Toilet Roll – no one wants to be caught short in a field of all places
– Compact Mirror
– Plasters
– Mini Torch – my actual festival saviour and first in the bag every time
– Earplugs – my hearing is awful after too many gigs/festivals so for me these are now becoming a must, also great for trying to get a decent night’s sleep and block out all the noise.

Not quite sure if my inner girl scout is showing here but honestly I have such a checklist of things to take to a festival with me. I like to be prepared for every possible situation however unlikely it is to actually occur. It may sound like a boring thing to do but for me the more prepared I am the more I can put my mind at rest and have a good time knowing that not many things can go wrong that I haven’t already thought about.

 photo SAM_0178_zpst3wiowyc.jpg

But finally and most importantly, have fun!

Because honestly after paying all that money and living through all the announcements and having to wait for so long, you can now enjoy that festival for that long weekend. Watching your favourite acts in the middle of a field with your favourite people with no outside world distractions. A festival field is one of my favourite places to be because for one weekend I leave everything behind, focussing on nothing but music and hopefully seeing a great act right as the sun goes down because everyone knows that is the most magical part of the day.


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