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Falcon Down is the brainchild of Daniel Childerley who to date has produced two albums and two EP’s worth of work to date with a new album that was released on Monday. You can check out the title track of the album below:

The above track ‘Mayday Mayday’ with a steady percussion heavy start it captures your attention straight away. The drums and guitar strums quicken for the arrival of the vocals which are set very starkly against the melodies with its slightly more severe nature. There is plenty of rhythm throughout this creating a catchy sound that will see you tapping your foot along or swaying your hips to this music. A great title track from the new album.

The new release is part of a larger 3 part release called ‘Venez M’aider’ which will be released later this year. As a songwriter, Childerley is comfortable writing across many different genres and likes not to be pigeonholed into just one music genre. Because of this his sound is grand and his ambition is huge, with a plan for an album to be released in 2016 already. It seems that the future is bright for this songwriter/musician and with so much planned there is plenty to look forward to from him.

To find out more about Falcon Down visit his website, his Soundcloud page or you can follow him on Twitter – @falcon_dan


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