6Music Celebrates: The Leadmill, Sheffield

At the beginning of the week, on Bank Holiday Monday, as the snooker world championship was coming to an end, 6Music came to Sheffield to celebrate this great city and its musical heritage. All building up to the main event, a show at The Leadmill as it celebrates its 35th year of bringing great bands to Sheffield to grace their stage.

With a plethora of shows over the weekend celebrating our culture, musical history and some of the best songs and albums to come from here, there was plenty for everyone to be involved in even if you don’t live in Sheffield. My boyfriend was lucky enough to bag us both some tickets after registering for them online and I’m so glad we got some as this show felt like a little bit of Sheffield history being made.

The venue wasn’t packed out like I usually see it but I’m guessing that was down to 6Music ticket allocation but the pretty much full room was all eager for what was to come creating a great atmosphere and giving that usually friendly feel that I always find at any gig I’ve been to at The Leadmill.

The whole thing was broadcast live on 6Music with proceedings starting from Sheffield’s own Slow Club and their great homecoming set. They played for around half an hour packing plenty of tracks in from slow ballads to upbeat, jazzy style tracks. I love this band and I’m so glad that I finally got to see them live because they are just as good live, giving everything they’ve got, as they are on record.

While the stage was getting set for the headliners, Sheffield legend John McClure of Reverend and the Makers fame, took to the decks for a great half hour set that showcased and celebrated some of the best of Sheffield’s music over the decades. As his set drew to a close, headliners the Mystery Jets took the stage announced by the brilliant Steve Lamacq who was hosting this whole night.














I know of the Mystery Jets and everyone knows their biggest hit ‘2 Doors Down’ but that is all I really knew. I was fully impressed by their set though and they won me over with their catchy hooks and brilliant set which showcased the best of their tracks to date along with a sneak peak of a brand new track. They were a great headliner and I’m glad I got the chance to see them live because they have really changed my mind about them, opening my eyes to their great take on modern day pop music.










It really was a great night and I’m so glad that 6Music have celebrated Sheffield and showcased everything that we currently have to offer and everything we’ve produced in the best. The Leadmill is by far one of the greatest music venues in the country and it should be celebrated for its passion for live music and bringing the biggest acts and great new talent to their stage and this city. It is one of my personal favourite venues and I have had so many great nights there, for gigs and club nights, and I know that The Leadmill is the venue with so much prestigious history that it will always be a crucial and huge part of Sheffield, its history and its music scene.

You can find out more about the show on 6Music’s website.


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