CULTURE: Peddler Market, Sheffield

Peddler is a relatively new addition to the Sheffield cultural scene, this night market offers Sheffield folk the chance to take in everything from awesome food, groundbreaking art, great beers, ciders and cocktails as well as plenty of music and culture on offer too.

The market takes place every two months and for their latest outing, which was last weekend 1st-2nd May, I popped down to see exactly what was going on and find out some more about this new and popular event. I went on the Friday and the market opened at 5pm, I got down there for around 6 and there was already a lot of people milling around the small area checking out what was on offer.

 photo IMG_5374_zpsvsysbl5x.jpg  photo IMG_5382_zpstq7e5xdl.jpg

There was a huge amount of food to choose from, with plenty of food vans and stalls offering everything from quesadillas to crepes, pizza to burgers, hot dogs and even a quinoa caravan. The was coffee and doughnuts inside while outside there was beers, ales and ciders at The Hop Box while a pop up bar served wine and prosecco and across the road was a cocktail bar selling an array of delicious sounding cocktails.

 photo IMG_5379_zpszmh0wsud.jpg

As soon as we got there we decided to get a drink before fully exploring, I had a half of Broadoak Cider which was a lovely apple cider that was fruity but not too much and the perfect middle ground between dry and fizzy. I really liked this and headed back for another half later on in the evening.

In the meantime, we had a good look at all the menus and food stalls to try and pick something to eat later on and we headed inside to check out the local artists work that was being displayed and some that was for sale. There was some great pieces that I really loved, I’m not an art expert at all and just go off what I like or find interesting and there was definitely some wonderful pieces on offer to buy ranging from £10 prints through to £350 canvases. I really did like the range of prices making art something more inclusive for everyone and that reflected in the laid back atmosphere of the abandoned warehouse set up.

 photo IMG_5378_zpsbd7qprkc.jpg

After a bit of culture it was time for food and I was straight over to the Quinoa Caravan for a Quinoa and Falafel Burger. The patty which contained chickpeas and spices alongside those two main ingredients was lovely, with plenty of flavour and a great taste. It was served on a brown breadcake with lettuce, tomato and salsa and was the perfect remedy for my hunger, even better that it was only a mere £5.

 photo IMG_5383_zpsmrkemrnl.jpg

After around 2 hours mooching about the market, we ended the night as only it was possible, with a crepe. The Crepe van was selling savoury and sweet crepes and I was tempted by one of each as that is basically what I lived on when I went to Paris last year but I reserved myself for just a sweet crepe. I went for Nutella and strawberries because if you are going to have a sweet crepe you may as well go all out and do it right. It was amazing as you can imagine and has reaffirmed my point that there should be crepe vans in every city in the world not just as a street food in places like Paris.

 photo IMG_5375_zpsixayeihr.jpg  photo IMG_5376_zpsraol95c2.jpg

After plenty of delicious food and great cider along with the amazing art we’d seen and the lovely, community atmosphere we’d taken it, I could instantly see why Peddler has become so popular in Sheffield. It is a wonderful idea and one that I can only see succeeding further and possibly expanding on in the future.

The next market will take place on 3rd-4th July so if you are free make sure you pop down to that one.

 photo IMG_5381_zpsblnh0kz9.jpg

Peddler Market is located in Sheffield’s Cultural Industries Quarter on Arundel Street in Sheffield.
To find out more about Peddler Market visit their website, their Facebook page or you can follow them on Twitter – @peddlermkt


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