new music: Forced Random

Multi-instrumentalist Oliver Girdler started out as Forced Random to fulfil his melancholic dream. In a North London flat, Girdler produces tracks full of melodies and juxtapositions all of which have been praised heavily so far as well as gaining him plenty of fans through social media and live shows.

I’m Still Here If You Want Me by Forced Random

Above is his latest single ‘I’m Still Here If You Want Me’ taken from the new EP of the same name. The oscillating acoustic strums and beautiful sounds give this an almost celestial quality from the off. It is really stunning music that makes you want to sit back and take it all in, listening intently to every single note, chord and key change. There really is something wonderful about the simplicity of music and this track truly shows that from first note to last. A gorgeous, gorgeous track.

Lots of great words have been said about him and music from the likes of NME Radar who said “a somnolent and heavily anaesthetised trip down the sinkhole of introspection…” and Soundblab who had this to say “A huge leap forward from his excellent debut, I’m Still Here If You Want Me is a haunting, warm and comforting EP that makes you yearn for more.”

After the successes of his debut EP ‘It’s Not Your Fault I Don’t Blame You’, it has seen a progression for him and his music over the past two years. His live show has also expanded and has become a set by a four-piece band and this matches his expansion in sound becoming more focussed on the details of ethereal tones.

You can stream the new single at his website.

To find out more about Forced Random visit the Soundcloud page, the Bandcamp page, the Facebook page or you can follow him on Twitter – @forcedrandom


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